All inclusive holidays to Cuba

An all-inclusive holiday is a trip where one payment covers everything you need in order to relax and enjoy your stay. All you have to do is pick your favourite destination and once you have paid you know that all of your flights, accommodation, meals and drinks are included in the entire price. The best part of an all-inclusive holiday is that it appeals to holidaymakers of all ages and truly offers a variety of experiences for everyone. Gourmet food and drink are always part of an all-inclusive holiday as well as world class activities and experiences that will delight the entire family.

Our top all-inclusive holidays to Cuba!

Top destinations for an all-inclusive holiday in Cuba

Cuba is an enchanting holiday destination waiting to be explored. It has been mesmerising travellers for years with its old-world charm and warm inhabitants. Make sure you check out the list of locations below to see our top picks for all-inclusive holidays to Cuba. 


The capital of Cuba, Havana, is a sprawling metropolis on this Caribbean island. This captivating city is famous the world over for its colonial architecture, vintage vehicles and intoxicating smell of tobacco in the air, no all-inclusive holiday in Cuba would be complete without a trip to Havana. Take a stroll along the seaside boulevard, the Malecón, and enjoy the wind on your face as you take in the sight of the colourful buildings while trumpet music fills the air. Make sure you take a wander around Centro Habana, a bright neighbourhood that is full of salsa music and street food. Grab a Cuban sandwich, a strong coffee and enjoy exploring the backstreets on your exotic adventure. 


This incredibly popular seaside town has arguably the finest beach in the Caribbean on its doorstep. A slice of paradise that offers holidaymakers an opportunity to indulge and relax in a pristine beach environment. It also has amazing water sports, golf courses and some of the best bars in the country. If you want to check out some of the marine life, you can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and try to spot brightly coloured fish. When you are ready to relax, head to a beachfront restaurant and order grilled fish and a rum cocktail to complete the perfect day. 

Cayo Largo 

Cuba is an incredibly popular destination and the beautiful weather means that tourists pour in year round to enjoy themselves. It can be hard to find a quiet and secluded beach, but look no further than Cayo Largo. This small island sits off the south coast of Cuba and provides a destination that is much less built up and travelled. A local dive shop organises daily trips to reefs and caves where you can snorkel, all the while looking out for sea turtles, sharks and tropical fish. On the island is a very special sea turtle hatchery which acts as a conservation project, protecting the very important endangered sea species. You can visit the farm and if you are lucky, you might even spot some of the rare turtles yourself!

Things to do in Cuba on an all-inclusive holiday


One thing is for certain, Cubans know how to party. When the sun goes down and you are looking for late night fun, Cuba has you covered. Enjoy resort bars on your cheap all-inclusive holidays in Cuba, sipping on a refreshing mojito cocktail. Cuba, like the rest of the Caribbean, is famous for its rum. Head out when it gets dark to celebrate your trip with some local dancing and toe-tapping jazz music. The heady mix will leave you captivated by this country. -


If you ask a Cuban what their national sport is, they should tell you that it is baseball. If you are a keen sports fan, make sure to book to watch a game. The Cubans are fanatical about the sport and the event is very different from the usual American baseball. Some resorts on all-inclusive holidays in Cuba have golf courses if you fancied hitting 18 holes in a tropical location with sea views. Or alternatively, make use of the water sports facilities at many hotels. 

For families 

Family holidays in Cuba will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied over the course of the trip, including snorkling and diving. Take a trip out to the reefs to enjoy swimming amongst vibrant shoals of fish. If you are feeling energetic, take the entire family to a salsa class and dance the evening away in style! Many of the hotels and resorts offer a list of activities for families, no matter the age.

Typical food and gastronomy in Cuba

The food in Cuba is very simple, but absolutely delicious. The foundation of Cuban cuisine revolves around the frying of meat, accompanied by beans and rice. National dishes include ropa vieja, which is a stew cooked with either shredded beef or lamb, slow roasted with green peppers, tomatoes and garlic. The real star of the show when it comes to local cuisine is the unbelievably fresh seafood. Order a simple dish of lobster, shrimp or fish and get it grilled for a superbly fresh meal in paradise. Another traditional accompaniment is fried plantain, which is a must try on your all-inclusive holidays to Cuba.

Weather & climate in Cuba

The climate in Cuba is sub-tropical and the weather is usually hot throughout the year. From December to April it is typically very dry and sunny and marks the best time of the year to enjoy a Cuba holiday. The official hurricane season runs from July to November and so the chance of a tropical storm is increased, although usually the weather still remains very pleasant. Temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius, so make sure you pack your swimming costume and sunscreen!

Visa and migration info

If you are headed to Cuba from the UK and plan to enter the country as a tourist, you will need to get a tourist card before you travel. Your passport must also be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Cuba.

Accomodation in Cuba

When you book your accommodation in Cuba, there is a huge amount to pick from and it is very easy to find high-quality hotels and resorts where food, drink, service and amenities are world class in a location that is perfect. Tourism is one of the main economies in Cuba and there are many resorts and hotels available, from family-friendly to those that specialise in couples retreats and sports holidays. If you wish to book your flights and accomodation together, offers competitive deals when you combine the two, which could save you money and time when you book. To find the best current deals to Cuba, make sure to click here.