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Holidays in Europe

No other continent offers such diversity as Europe. With its rich and complex history, world-class arts and culture and jaw-dropping beaches, it’s possible to discover something different every day of your European holiday. Whether you’re planning a trip through several countries or craving some city break excitement, Europe is an exciting and fascinating place to explore. Europe is a continent of haute couture, gourmet cuisine, cosmopolitan culture, azure seas, and awe-inspiring mountains. In short, it's a tourism paradise, and travellers can easily book a huge range of European adventures with Here are just a few of the experiences waiting for you in the continent's iconic destinations.

Discover our top European holiday destinations

Top destinations in Europe

Wherever you visit in Europe, you can expect first-rate accommodation in convenient locations. The tourism industry is perfectly set up to cater for solo travellers, couples seeking a romantic escape, friends who want to unwind, and families who need a range of activities for all ages. If you want to cover every base, check out the all inclusive holidays Europe has to offer. That way, you can bundle in flights, hotel rooms, food, and even excursions or activities. With all of that taken care of, all that's left is to remember your sunscreen, clear some space on your phone for photos, and get ready to fly.


Spain’s exuberant love of music, food and the great outdoors is impossible to resist. A holiday in Spain is a fiesta; try the exquisite cuisine and throw yourself into the party spirit to get the most of what this beautiful country has to offer. Its beaches are ideal for relaxing, swimming and watersports, and its cities such as Barcelona and Granada showcase remarkable histories and architecture.

Barcelona is a cultural hub, showing the way in architecture, music and art, serving up some of the most exquisite tapas imaginable, and showing off its rich past. From the outlandish Sagrada Familia or Parc Guell, to the Picasso Museum and the funfair of Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona never fails to offer something new.The weird and wonderful Gaudi architecture of Barcelona is ideal to explore for a weekend. Take in the imposing structure of the breathtaking Sagrada Familia before taking a stroll down Las Ramblas. After dark, the streets come alive with tapas restaurants, salsa fiestas and quirky bars.


Turkey is a richly diverse and historic country that seems to span two continents. European and Asian cultures intermingle, creating a fascinating mix of foods, activities and art for visitors to try. Istanbul is part polished westernised city and part traditional bustling town, with exuberant nightlife and lively markets. The more relaxed coastal regions offer water sports and trekking through dramatic scenery. The Turkish Riviera is well and truly established on Europe's tourist map, mixing up fascinating ancient sites with accessible waterfalls, timeless villages, and activities as varied as horseback riding, turtle watching and golf. If you need all inclusive holidays Europe doesn't offer many more appealing destinations.


If Europe was a house, Italy would be the kitchen and Greece would be the living room. Renowned for their warmth and faultless hospitality, the Greek people love their country and welcome you into it with open arms and wide smiles. There is a distinct laid-back feel to Greece, in the balmy air and the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean on its countless islands.

Lively Athens is a city of contrasts. It is ancient and modern, elegant and grungy, and traditional and progressive. Walking around the city centre is like being in an open air museum and the magnificent reminders of ancient Greece are quite humbling.

Bathed in Mediterranean sunshine for half of the year, islands like Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, or Zante are a place to relax, work on your tan, and be as active or as lazy as you desire. There's scope here to spend every day on a different beach, with secluded coves begging to be discovered. But resorts offer endless nightlife, sports, and fine food - with everything a family could need. 

Canary Islands 

A group of extinct volcanoes just off the coast of Africa offers an ideal European holiday destination for families and party-goers. The vast expanses of sand on the beaches of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are very popular, but there are quiet spots to be found. You can get active by hiking up a volcano or trying your hand at kite surfing. 

Balearic Islands 

The Balearic Islands are ideal destinations for cyclists, families and party people. Beyond the beach resorts and super clubs is a world of tiny secluded coves and dramatic mountains, and holidays in the Balearic Islands are as exciting and varied as they come. Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca are legendary names in the world of beach tourism, and they never lose their appeal. Blessed with sunshine, photogenic fishing ports, and the chance to mix chilled out beach holidays with nature hikes or water sports, these enchanted islands are always a delight to visit.


Rome is a world-class city break destination, with more famous landmarks, historic architecture and priceless art than you could ever need. Visit out of the peak summer months to avoid the crowds and take in the unique atmosphere of the ancient city of Rome. Italy's capital could hardly be stuffed with more historical and artistic treasures - not to mention restaurants that will redefine your idea of a good pizza. See the Sistine Chapel and the home of the Pope, visit the Colosseum where gladiators fought, or the forum where ancient Rome traded and socialised. And live La Dolce Vita in fine style, with wine, cuisine, and a tour of the city's markets.

Extra tips

The great thing about Europe is that almost all destinations offer essential amenities, from pharmacies to well-stocked supermarkets. So don't worry too much about buying supplies. But it's worth planning for transport during your stay. Why not add car hire into an all inclusive package to widen your options and reach more distant attractions? Saving money is also possible at certain times of year. In Europe, the shoulder seasons (March to May and late September to the end of October) often bring lower prices, while the weather can stil be fine. But have some rainy day activities planned just in case.