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Germany for fairytale castles, fabulous forests and fine cities

Europe's largest and most populated country, Germany is modern and forward-thinking and has bags of history and charm. Book one of our flights to Germany and discover this great land.

Cool cruises

By road and by river, Germany provides the opportunity to embark on journeys that you'll never forget. Navigate the Middle Rhine where you'll see the medieval Marksburg Castle of Braubach and the beautiful town of Bacharach. Travel from Bingen to Bonn and gasp at impossibly beautiful castles and gorgeous gorges.

And as you follow the road from Franconia to the German Alps, travelling through Bavaria, you'll be taking the route used by traders of the Middle Ages. Along the way, stop at Würzburg, the home of German wines and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a fortified city.

Forested mountain ranges

Covering more than 3,700 square miles, the Black Forest encompasses the spa town of Baden-Baden and the Swiss Border. Explore lush forests, valleys and hills that are perfect for hiking and, while in the winter it becomes a superb destination for downhill skiers.

Teutonic Totems

Neuschwanstein Castle, a late 19th century fairy-tale delight stands above the village of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria. It's an image that has adorned the packaging of many a chocolate box and jigsaw puzzle that is even better in real life. Admire the scale of 600-year-old Cologne Cathedral which stood firm throughout WWII, surviving to enchant millions of subsequent visitors. And the Berlin Wall was once an emblem of division until it was torn down in 1989. Now it's the 18th century triumphal arch, the Brandenburg Gates that symbolises a united Germany.

Enchanting cities

Bavaria's second largest city, Nuremberg has a history that can be traced back to Roman times. It was the scene of Hitler's rabble-rousing speeches and the post-war trials, but not before it was almost completely destroyed in January 1945. Nuremberg has mostly been restored to its original medieval prime and it's where people flock to enjoy a festive market in what is dubbed the 'Christmas City'.

Heidelberg, on the banks of the River Neckar was mostly spared the bombs of WWII and remains an inspirational city with its gorgeous Old Town and the majestic ruins of the Renaissance castle.

Eating, drinking and nightlife

Enjoy the authentic bierhaus atmosphere hostelries like Berlin's Tiergartenquelle and Munich's Löwenbräukeller. For Michelin-star Cuisine, try Restaurant Buntspecht in Berlin where you can sample a delicious German and Mediterranean menu that is served with great aplomb, and still be left with some change.

Amabile in Cologne offers a mixture of German, French and Italian food. This upmarket eatery serves eclectic delights such as fried pike-perch fillet with black pudding risotto and banana chilli sauce. Munich's Broeding has a regularly-changing menu that serves German and International cuisine in a relaxed, friendly environment.