Top Must-See Places in Italy

Looking forward to your Italy holidays? Our handpicked guide to Italy's must-see places is all you need to craft the perfect itinerary. Whether it's the serene Tuscan countryside or Rome's timeless streets, we've got you covered for an authentic Italian adventure.

  1. Rome
  2. Sicily
  3. Milan
  4. Lake Como
  5. Venice
  6. Amalfi Coast
  7. Sorrento Coast
  8. Florence
  9. Naples

1. Rome

Rome is one of the most energetic and exciting destinations in Italy. Home to nearly three million people, with an additional 10 million annual tourists, there's never a dull day in this capital city. It's the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway or groups interested in art and culture.

Even those with just a passing interest in history will be astounded by landmarks such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Ancient Roman Forum. It's also arguably the best place in Italy to soak up Italian culture; be sure to spend some time people-watching at the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona.

Make sure to check out our guide on the best things to do in Rome to ensure you fully embrace and enjoy your city visit.

Best for: history buffs and culture vultures.

While you're there: visit the world's smallest city, the Vatican.

2. Sicily

Sunny Sicily, lying to the south of Italy, is the biggest island in the Mediterranean. Sicilian culture, cuisine, climate and architecture are all unique from that of the mainland. Although it boasts some large and populous cities including Palermo and Catania, this vast island is also home to plentiful rural areas and is perfect for those seeking a quiet, secluded holiday. Head to the southeast of the island where you'll find a series of small baroque towns, empty beaches and limitless countryside walks.

Ensure you explore our essential guide to the top things to do in Sicily to make the most of your visit to this enchanting island.

Best for: those seeking sunshine.

While you're there: visit Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

3. Milan

Existing in a 24-hour hubbub of sheer sophistication, everyone and everything looks good in busy Milan. A spirited but chic city with its finger on all the creative pulses, it's a mecca for fashionistas, artists and foodies. Enjoy the delights of the upmarket Quadrilatero d'Oro shopping quarter, an opera at the vast La Scala or the buzz around the city's many Michelin starred restaurants.

Don't miss our curated guide to the best activities in Milan, designed to enhance your experience in this vibrant city.

Best for: fashionistas with their eye on the new trend.

While you're there: don't miss Milan Cathedral.

4. Lake Como

Just 80km north of Milan, but a world away in essence is Lake Como. Of all the Great Italian Lakes, Como offers the perfect balance of seclusion and amenities. Of the three largest lakes (Como, Garda and Maggiore), Como is the most sophisticated.

Exclusive towns, palatial villas and private boat tours all characterise the experience of this unique y-shaped lake. Find true peace along the Greenway Walk (La Greenway del Lago di Como), a scenic trail that takes in some of the lake's rural villages along the southwest banks.

Perfect choice for: quiet but luxurious getaways.

While you're there: take a boat to the Isola Comacina for dinner.

5. Venice

When a place draws crowds in the way that Venice does, you've got to ask yourself, why? In the case of this lagoon-based city, known in Italian as Venezia, it could be the magical waterways that act as roads or perhaps the multiple romantic bridges, or maybe the stunning Gothic buildings that line the banks. Thanks to the plentiful opportunities to get out on the water, it's just as easy to indulge in a bit of peace as it is to relish the throng and vigour of the city's main square, Piazza San Marco.

Be sure to explore our guide to the top things to do in Venice, crafted to enrich your journey through this magical city.

Best for: romantic short breaks

While you're there: take a trip to Murano to discover traditional glassworks

6. Amalfi Coast

One of Italy's most well-established holiday destinations, the beautiful Amalfi Coast is awash with quality hotels, top facilities for holidaymakers and acclaimed restaurants, all vying to offer the visitor an unforgettable experience.

Located on the west coast of Italy in the Campania region, the entire Amalfi Coast is a dramatic scene of clifftop settlements, craggy beaches and turquoise waters, all enveloped by lush woodland. Perfect for those seeking an active holiday, activities are varied and include hiking, swimming and sailing.

Best for: luxury honeymoons and watersports enthusiasts.

While you're there: fit in a day trip to Pompeii.

7. Sorrento Coast

The quieter alternative to the Amalfi Coast, equally beautiful but far less busy, Sorrento is perfect for those seeking respite and solitude. The Sorrento Coast, located to the west of the Amalfi, has not seen the development of the latter and remains a largely traditional and unspoilt location.

The ideal getaway choice for those looking for a chance to turn-off rather than tune-in, highlights of the Sorrento Coast include swimming in the natural rock pools of the Roman Villa Pollio Felice.

Must see: Marina Grande and Cloister of San Francisco.

While you're there: try the delicious Caprese almond cake.

8. Florence

The birthplace of the European Renaissance, Florence is the global home of art, architecture and new thinking. This passion for advancing the best of humanity is alive and well in modern Florence, and even 500 years later Florence is still the pulsating heartbeat of the world's art scene. Despite the large numbers of visitors, Florence still offers something for those who like to take it easy, including numerous opportunities for long walks and drawn-out lunches.

Dive into our expert guide for the must-see attractions in Florence, tailored to elevate your exploration of this Renaissance jewel.

Must do: explore the Ufizzi, Pitti Palace and Accademia galleries.

While you're there: experience the delights of Tuscan cuisine.

9. Naples

Italy's third biggest city, and unofficial capital of the south, Naples epitomises the passion and beauty of this nation in its busy streets. The birthplace of pizza, spaghetti alla puttanesca and parmigiana melanzane, it's the perfect destination for an Italian food odyssey. Take yourself just a few blocks out of the city centre to find a wide choice of laid-back family-run trattorias and pizzerias where you can enjoy an authentic unhurried meal.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the best things to do in Naples, ensuring you fully experience the vibrancy and richness of this historic city.

Must see: the Pompeiian frescoes at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale
While you're there: head underground to explore the Metro art


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