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Known for its natural beauty and stunning cathedral, Worcester is a great destination for any traveller! Check out our list of the top hotels in Worcester to make your stay even more enjoyable. From classic family-run spots to luxurious suites, we've got everything you need to enjoy your trip and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Worcester, United Kingdom
Boutique by Browns
3 nights from
Worcester, United Kingdom
Worcester Bank House Hotel Spa & Golf, BW Premier Collection
2 nights from
Worcester, United Kingdom
Stanbrook Abbey
3 nights from
Droitwich, United Kingdom
Hadley Bowling Green Inn
3 nights from
Worcester, United Kingdom
Worcester Whitehouse
3 nights from
Malvern, United Kingdom
The Malvern
2 nights from
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FAQs about hotels in Worcester

What are the best hotels in Worcester near the center?


If you want to stay near the center of Worcester, you can consider staying at St. Lawrence Hotel, Diglis House Hotel and Ye Olde Talbot Worcester by Greene King Inns.

What are the most booked hotels in Worcester?


What are the most convenient hotel rates in Worcester?