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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Patterdale and experience world-class hospitality at its best. Nestled amidst the enchanting rolling hills of the English Lake District, this idyllic village houses a diverse selection of top-notch hotels that marry charm with luxury. From priority services to splendid views, the accommodation options we've handpicked present a delightful blend of comfort, scenic splendor, and warm English hospitality. Each hotel offers a unique experience that tells a captivating story of tradition, style, and service. Here, the richness of historic architecture meets the finesse of modern amenities, promising you an unforgettable stay. Not only will these hotels offer you a cozy place to rest, but they'll provide an ideal launching pad for the diverse range of activities available in Patterdale, be it hiking, boating, or simply enjoying a well-brewed English tea while lapping up the stunning landscapes. Uncover the fascinating character of each establishment as you delve deeper into these exceptional hotels that encapsulate the heart and soul of Patterdale. So pack your spirit of adventure, dust off your hiking boots, and come prepared to discover an extraordinary world right at the doorstep of these dreamy Patterdale hotspots.

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Penrith, United Kingdom

Patterdale Hotel

Penrith, United Kingdom

Old Water View

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FAQs about hotels in Patterdale

What is the lowest price for a double room in Patterdale?


The cheapest price for a double room in Patterdale is £130, offered by Crookabeck B&B.

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