TOP 10: Best Beaches in Greece

Spend your next holiday on one of the beautiful beaches in Greece. The Balkan Peninsula is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Europe and not without reason. Here, holidaymakers will find the most beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, ancient ruins and untouched nature. Beaches labelled with the Blue Flag quality mark entice you with their golden sand and high-quality sea water quality. Whether on the mainland or on the Greek islands, the endless coastlines offer the best conditions for an unforgettable beach holiday. Since it is so difficult to decide between Greece's almost 400 beaches, we have put together a list of the top 10 beaches in Greece for you. 

1. Beach Voidokilia in the Peloponnese

On the peninsula in the south of the Greek mainland lies the beach in the bay of Navarino. Voidokilia gained international fame when the New York Times named it one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to the man-made form of a semicircle, the beach is also called Ox Belly Bay. Fine sand, green-blue water and a gently sloping shore make this place a popular holiday destination for the whole family. The bay is surrounded by an impressive natural scenery.

Our tip: An excursion to the old castle Paleokastro gives you a panoramic view over the bay.  

2. Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos

One of the most luxurious beaches in the Aegean is Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos. The Greek island is especially popular with young and prominent tourists. Relax with the turquoise waters and white architecture of Mykonos. The excellent beach service provides you with cool drinks and fresh snacks. On Paradise Beach celebrating is a must - and until dawn! Incidentally, on the right side of the beach there is also a separate section for nudists.

Our tip: Relax with the family in the morning in the tranquillity of the dream beach. The party begins late afternoon. 

3. Navagio Beach on Zacynthos

One of the most photographed beaches in Greece is the Navagio Beach on Zakynthos. The trigger for this is the on-shore wreck Panagiotis. Since smuggled goods were allegedly on board the ship at that time, the bay is called still today as Smugglers Cove. The location's unique scenery is rounded off with the impressive cliffs, which enclose the white beach with the deep blue sea. The Greek island's flagship is only accessible by boat.

Our tip: From the viewing platform on the rocks an endless view of the Ionian Sea opens up before you. 

4. Canal D'Amour on Corfu

The bay around the tunnel of love is a romantic place for couples in love. The namesake is the unique rock formation that surrounds the bay. If you believe the old legends, then anyone who thwarts the channel expects a life full of happiness and love. In the bathing bay of Corfu, guests can relax on the small beach and enjoy the view of the rock tunnel formed by the power of the sea, made of sandstone, the turquoise blue sea and the surrounding rocky vaults.

Our tip: Rent a pedalo and marvel at the nearby rock formations just a few minutes away. The waves have created real pieces of art in the rocks over the years.  

5. Porto Katsiki Beach on Lefkada

The bay in the western Greece is lined with steep, white rocks and Mediterranean flora and fauna. Behind the pebble beach stretches the iridescent, turquoise-blue water. Katsiki Beach is considered one of the six best beaches in the Mediterranean. The environment is displayed in all its splendour when the sun goes down. It is then that the majestic, limestone cliffs shimmer in a strong orange. You can have an exclusive view of this spectacle from a small boat on the sea.

Our tip: Start your trip to this dream beach with a Caribbean feeling early in the morning. So, climb the 110 steps to the hidden bay before the sun gets too strong.  

6. Beach Balos on Crete

Another exceptional seaside resort in Greece is located on the west coast of Crete. Due to very fine, crushed shells the fine sandy beach shimmers slightly pink. In conjunction with the turquoise water and the exotic plant species Balos forms a diverse natural backdrop. Lots of colourful sea creatures hide between the rocks, which you can discover during a snorkelling excursion. The easiest way to reach Balos Bay is by ferry. 

Our tip: As you approach Balos Beach early in the morning, enjoy a world-enraptured silence before the ferries from Kissamos arrive. 

7. Elafonisi Beach on Creta

Only 100m off the south coast of Crete there is a graceful bathing paradise on a small island. You can easily walk to the island. The path through the shallow sea will show red coral traces. The colourful coral reefs are perfect for snorkelling. Shady palm trees, turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches provide you with a Caribbean feeling in Elafonisi. In the cosy taverns, you can also treat yourself to culinary delights.

Our tip: Visit the beach on a windless day. This way you will avoid intrusive sand clouds.  

8. Ai Giannis Beach on Lefkada

The beach Ai Giannis on Lefkada is an absolute insider tip for kite- and windsurfers. Due to strong winds, it is the meeting place of many water sports enthusiasts. In addition, international competitions for kitesurfing are held here. During this period, many spectators spend time on the beach, who do not want to miss the spectacle of colourful dragon sailing the sea. The long sandy beach is easily accessible by car.

Our tip: You have a great view from the monastery in the village of Fryni. Here you can see the long beach, the turquoise lagoon and the city of Lefkas.  

9. Myrtos Beach on Kefalonia

The so-called "Piece of Heaven" on the Ionian island of Kefalonia lives up to its name. Since the island is still quite unknown, you will find many untouched natural beauties here. One of them is the isolated Myrtos beach. The water is so intensely turquoise that it makes the place truly heavenly. The protected bay is visited mainly by rest-seeking holidaymakers and hikers.

Our tip: Explore the spectacular surroundings during a dive. There are many surprises waiting for you, such as mysterious underwater caves.  

10. Sarakiniko Beach on Milos

Holidaymakers feel as though they are on another planet as they stroll through the lunar landscape of the beach of Sarakiniko. The sea, made of a mixture of shades of green and blue, is surrounded by white rock formations of volcanic rock. This fascinating natural monument enchants its visitors and transports them into another world. Due to its character, the beach on Milos has been the location for several films and music videos.

Our tip: Go on a discovery tour around the beach and wander among volcanic rocks and caves in white rock, which according to ancient legends served as protection for pirates.  

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