Morocco beaches

TOP 10 most beautiful beaches in Morocco

Over 3000km of coastline on the Atlantic and 400km on the Mediterranean - in Morocco you have plenty of opportunities to spend a day at the beach. Long sandy beaches, varied offers for water sports activities - we present you the most beautiful and best beaches. 

Decide for yourself which of the many beaches is your personal favourite and where you would like to spend your next beach holiday. 

Town beach of Agadir

Among the most famous beaches of Morocco is the beach at Agadir. With a length of 10km, numerous restaurants and shops, it is the showcase beach par excellence. You will find everything your holiday heart desires here. From sun loungers and umbrellas through showers and changing facilities to the playground for children; everything is available on the clean and well-developed beach. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a round of jet or water skiing.

Our tip: Free WiFi is available on the beach. Ask in shops and restaurants if you need a password.  

Essaouira Beach 

The beach of Essaouira is one of the greatest spots for kite surfing and is only separated from the town of the same name by a promenade. A strong wind blows here almost all year round, making it very popular with water sports enthusiasts. For those who do not want to kite surf, there is the option of a beach ride on a camel or horse, or a long walk along the coast. In the mornings you can watch the fishermen going out to sea with their boats. Vendors on the beach offer snacks and refreshments, as well as henna tattoos or typical souvenirs.

Our tip: Watch the bird sanctuary Mogador on the nearby purple islands from the beach.  

Paradise Plage

About 20km from Agadir lies Paradise Plage. The name acts as a clue because the white, fine-grained sand transforms the beach into a real paradise and is reminiscent of the South Sea. If you are not staying at one of the hotels right on the beach, you can hire a rental car or a transport service for the outward journey. Compared to other beaches in Morocco, the Paradise Plage stands out above numerous offers of luxury resorts. During the day you can relax with a yoga class, while after sunset you can choose between candlelight dinners, a cosy camp-fire on the beach or dancing and disco music under the stars.

Our tip: Book a romantic candlelit dinner at one of the beach-front hotels. 


About 5km from Casablanca is the beach Sablettes, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south-western Atlantic coast in Morocco. Bathers feel just as at home on the well-developed beach for tourists as water sports enthusiasts. Locally you will find cafés and restaurants with different foods - so you have to worry about the provisions on your beach day. 

Our tip: Hire surfing equipment on-site and enjoy the waves in the Atlantic.  

Beach of Tafraoute 

In one of the most beautiful areas of Morocco is the beach of Tafraoute. Here you can let your gaze wander over the unique landscape with bizarre granite formations and the blue sea. The beach is especially popular with families as the children can happily build and play sandcastles here. Small restaurants near the beach offer something to eat, but even nicer is a picnic right on the beach. The shallow waters on the coast are great for snorkelling and watching the fish.

Our tip: Bring your own umbrella, plenty of drinking water and sun cream, so you can enjoy the day to the full. 

Plage de Saidia

Saidia offers a long, fine sandy beach directly on the Algerian border and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of the country. It is not for nothing that it is often called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean". Since the transition into the water is flat, without strong waves, the beach is very suitable for families with children. On and in the water, you can choose from various water sports activities. Sun loungers, umbrellas and small restaurants complete the perfect beach day. 

Our tip: In the evening, head to the marina to taste local specialities.

Beaches of Oualidia

Several beaches are awaiting your discovery at Oualidia. The main beach is well protected in a lagoon between Safi and El Jadida. Here the sea is calmer and the waves are not that high, which is why this section is especially popular with families with children. On the other parts of the beach, the water is rougher, which is why many surfers can be found here. Oualidia is also considered the centre of oyster farming. Round off your day on the beach with a restaurant visit and enjoy fresh oysters or delicious fish dishes.

Our tip: Let the locals take you by boat to the less crowded beaches on the opposite side of the lagoon.  

Beach at Cape Tafelney 

About 70km south of Essaouira is the beach at Cape Tafelney. The beach can be reached by following the access road that branches off from the main road and ends at the sea. Here, it is especially nature lovers who will get their money's worth. The sand dunes, rocks and cliffs are largely untouched, therefore lacking the infrastructure, as can be found on the large beaches. You will be rewarded with secluded coastlines and the opportunity to observe undisturbed waterfowl.

Our tip: Enjoy the unique view over the rugged cliffs of the 213m high summit on the cape. 

Legzira Beach

Far away from the tourism developed beaches, you will find a true natural wonder. The bay at Legzira houses four large rock gates. The drive leads from Mirleft about 10km towards Sidi Ifni along the sea and is quite adventurous, as the roads are unpaved. You will be rewarded with great photo opportunities and one of the most beautiful and breath-taking beaches in Morocco. Swimming is less suitable because of the high waves here, but the beach is very popular with surfers for this very reason. After a walk along the coast, you have the opportunity to fortify yourself in small cafés with regional, delicious food.

Our tip: Come in the morning, as the tide in the afternoon greatly reduces the opportunity for a beach walk.  

The Beaches of Dakhla

Dakhla is one of the world's best kite spots and is as popular with surfers like the top beaches of Australia and Hawaii. Especially on the lively beach Foum El Bouir, surfers and skaters dart around alongside surfers. But it is not only water sports enthusiasts that get their money's worth on the miles of beach. Relaxation can be found in the crystal clear and calm waters of the lagoon on PK25 beach. The coast is separated from the rest of the country by the desert and is considered a pearl in southern Morocco and gateway to paradise. 

Our tip: Take the opportunity and get to know the adjacent desert on a camel ride.