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The number of people looking at Beirut as a holiday destination has increased considerably in recent years, and with good reason. Filled with amazing restaurants, museums, bars and historic sites, Lebanon's fashionable capital is once again becoming a leading destination in this part of the world. Booking flights to Beirut is simple and you can start your search right here at Take a look at our multi-airline return fares heading to Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport to secure the best deal. You can also get in touch with a member of our travel team to find out more about the city and the surrounding area.


While Beirut probably isn't the place to come for a laid-back break, if you're looking to spend time in a vibrant city with plenty of energy and style, Lebanon's capital has a lot to offer. Start your visit at the National Museum of Beirut, a top cultural site housing a wonderful collection of archaeological artefacts that chart the country's history over the centuries. Take a stroll along the waterside at Zaitouna Bay and enjoy a drink in one of the many cafés along the front. Alternatively, try a coffee from one of the mobile vendors that you'll see scattered throughout the Corniche seafront area. Make for the far western end of the Corniche to view Pigeon Rocks, a natural formation located just off the coast.


City Centre Beirut Mall in the Hazmieh district is conveniently located next to the Damascus Highway. It offers a modern shopping experience, with stores selling everything from fashion items and electronics to home furnishings. ABC Shopping Mall also houses a large number of retailers under one roof, while the Beirut Souks district is home to hundreds of retailers and department stores.

Eating out

The Lebanese are known for their love of a good time and when it comes to culinary experiences in Beirut, you'll find the restaurant and café scene to be extremely diverse. Whether you're interested in traditional restaurants serving a wide variety of mezze dishes or perhaps something modern, you won't have far to travel. Nouvelle Lebanese cuisine is on offer at Liza, where you'll find everything from fried halloumi cheese with a homemade tomato jam to beef fillet prepared in a shawarma style. Visit Ichkhanian Bakery to try their lahm bi'ajeen, an unleavened flatbread topped with meat and vegetables.

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