Palma Nova weather for each month

A guide to spring, summer, autumn and winter

Palma Nova is a perennial favourite for those planning Majorca holidays, and it’s easy to see why: the town boasts three Blue Flag beaches that gently slope into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. This, combined with Palma Nova’s array of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and even mini-golf, makes it a surefire winner for holidaymakers looking for a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Whether you're sunbathing on the beach or exploring the town's vibrant nightlife, Palma Nova offers something for everyone on their Majorca holiday.

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter

If you’re planning your next holidays and looking for things to do in Palma Nova, you might be wondering about the best time of year to visit. To help you make the most of your trip, our travel guide to Majorca includes this short guide, providing more information on the weather in Palma Nova throughout the year.

This encompasses details on sunshine hours, rainfall, sea temperatures, and more, enabling you to plan your activities, whether it's beach time, exploring the town, or enjoying local events, in the best possible conditions.

1. Spring

The weather in Palma Nova during spring is warm and progressively increases as summer approaches, making it an excellent time if you're considering cycling holidays in Majorca. The start of the season brings average highs of 17 degrees, but temperatures can fall to a chilly 5 degrees overnight, necessitating warmer layers for the evenings.

This mild and pleasant climate provides the perfect conditions for cycling enthusiasts to explore the island's diverse landscapes, from coastal paths to mountainous terrains, making spring an ideal season for a cycling holiday in Majorca.

By May, the town hits highs of 23 degrees, but with a much more temperate daily low of around 12. Sunshine hours vary from 7 in early spring to 9 on the brink of summer, while there is a moderate chance of rain with 9-12 days a month, but don’t worry – this usually comes in the form of short showers.

As the sea hasn’t had a chance to warm up yet, it remains a little too cold to swim unless you’re feeling hardy.

Average temps: Lows of 5 (March), highs of 23 (May)

Best for: Non-swimmers – the sea is still a bit chilly

2. Summer

Summer in Palma Nova is reliably warm and sunny, making it a prime time to explore waterparks in Majorca. Average highs rise from 27°C in June to 30°C in August, with sizzling temperatures often exceeding 30 degrees.

This season is ideal for dining al fresco and enjoying the nightlife, as temperatures rarely drop below the mid-teens, even at night. If you're looking to escape the rain, summer in Palma Nova is perfect, offering 12-13 hours of sunshine a day and minimal rainfall, especially in July.

The sea also warms up with the summer heat, starting at a comfortable 22 degrees in June and reaching a bath-like 26 degrees by August, perfect for water-based activities.

Average temps: Lows of 16 (June), highs of 32 (August)

Best for: Sun-worshippers, with up to 13 hours of sun a day

3. Autumn

Autumn in Palma Nova presents a dreamy opportunity to experience the area's beauty while avoiding the summer crowds, making it a great time to explore the various attractions in Majorca. The weather in September remains very warm with average highs and lows of 26 and 16 degrees Celsius respectively, though these temperatures do drop by November to highs/lows of 18/8 degrees.

If you’re planning an autumn trip, remember to pack a raincoat as this season tends to be the rainiest, particularly in October, with an average of 12 rainfall days and 63 mm of precipitation. However, the sea remains pleasantly warm for swimming in September (25 degrees) and October (22 degrees). A November visit might be cooler, possibly deterring a dip in the sea, but it's still an excellent time to enjoy the less crowded sights and attractions across Majorca.

Average temps: Lows of 8 (Nov), highs of 26 (Sept)

Best for: People who like it warm (but not hot) and don’t mind a bit of rain

4. Winter

Palma Nova’s weather is at its coolest in winter, but it can still be a great choice if you want to experience the place at its quietest and most tranquil.

The temperature generally tops out at around 14-15 degrees, but nighttime can get rather nippy at around 4 degrees. The good news is that winter is slightly less rainy than autumn, with 35-44 mm of rain forecast. If you’re feeling deprived of vitamin D in the gloomy winter months, Palma Nova’s solid 5-7 hours of sunshine a day will come as a welcome reprieve.

Average temps: Lows of 4 (Jan/Feb), highs of 15 (Dec)

Best for: A bit of winter sunshine without the crowds

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