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Holidays to Sanur Kauh

Embark on an adventure to Sanur Kauh, a destination that will satisfy your cravings for sunshine and beachside relaxation. Imagine spending your days lounging under the crescent of palm trees that fringe the ivory sands of an undisturbed coastline. The endless expanse of soft sand meeting the glistening sea is an everyday sight in Sanur Kauh - a spellbinding spectacle of nature's artistry.

For the active holidaymaker, the sparkling seas of Sanur Kauh present an enticing invite for a leisurely swim or an invigorating surf. This place also serves up a rich menu of cultural experiences; traditional markets brimming with fragrant spices, fruits and artisan crafts guide you through the essence of Indonesian life. Culinary enthusiasts will fall in love with the array of local foods, each plate brimming with exotic flavors that dance on your palate.

Not to miss the serene temples enriching the skyline, they offer the promise of a spiritual journey deep into Bali's time-honored traditions. Yet, for those seeking serenity in simpler things, watching the day close in Sanur Kauh with vibrant hues swirling over the horizon itself is an experience of absolute tranquility. In essence, holidays to Sanur Kauh are the ticket to an island paradise, giving you a chance to unwind, explore and indulge in a stunningly beautiful setting.

Jan to Dec
Indonesian, English
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
18h 31m (from London)
DPS, 6.8 mi
Ngurah Rai Airport

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