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Holidays to Lembongan Island

Embark on a unique journey to Lembongan Island, as its natural beauty takes your breath away. This stunning paradise offers something for everyone, from relaxing beach lounges, abundant marine life for diving enthusiasts, to unforgettable surfing experiences for adrenaline junkies. The untouched landscapes of Mangrove forests are explored through idyllic canoe rides, bringing nature up close. Adventure-seekers might rush to the Devil's Tear, gifted with dramatic wave crashes, proving the powerful beauty Mother Earth has to offer. Natural splendors aside, the local culture is just as captivating with its unique ceremonies and traditional music that echo through the island. Fine-tuned with the relaxing rhythm of island life, Lembongan provides an inviting sense of warmth and friendliness hard to resist. Not to leave the food lovers, don't miss savoring the mouth-watering cuisine as the sun sets over the Jungut Batu Beach. With every breath you take, Lembongan Island unveils a vibrant slice of paradise that is sure to carve a special place in your memory.

Jan to Dec
Indonesian, English
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
18h 31m (from London)
DPS, 20.5 mi
Ngurah Rai Airport

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Lembongan Island, Indonesia
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Lembongan Island, Indonesia
Dream Beach Villa, Dream Beach , Lembongan , Bali
Lembongan Island, Indonesia
Maharatu Villas

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