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Holidays to Ermones

Discover the beauty and enjoyment waiting for you on an Ermones holiday! Nestled on the island of Corfu in Greece, Ermones offers a unique blend of pristine natural beauty, remarkable history, and friendly atmosphere. With its dazzling coastline, lush greenery, and hilltop views, Ermones is remarkably picturesque. The main attraction, the shimmering beaches, offer the opportunity to unwind and soak up the Greek sunshine. But there's more to Ermones than its appealing beaches. Vibrant in culture and history, the small village showcases its rich past through numerous historical sites and landmarks. Adventure lovers can explore the winding trails that lead to captivating viewpoints. An holiday to Ermones is also about enjoying local cuisine, where the flavors of the Mediterranean come alive, offering unforgettable culinary experiences. Overall, Ermones is an ideal holiday destination that offers something for everyone.

Euro (€)
3h 10m (from London)
CFU, 6.8 mi
Kerikira Airport

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Flight + Hotel
Glyfada (Corfu), Greece

MM Traditional Villa

Flight + Hotel
Glyfada (Corfu), Greece

Angela Country House

Flight + Hotel
Glyfada (Corfu), Greece


Flight + Hotel
Glyfada (Corfu), Greece

Angelina's Family Home

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