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Holidays to Engelberg

Experience the magic of Switzerland like never before with Holidays to Engelberg. This picturesque town lies nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, serving panoramic views and adventure at every turn. Engelberg is often celebrated for its expanse of snow-covered peaks, offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Europe. Yet, the action doesn't stop there. When the snow melts, a dramatic landscape punctuated with serene lakes and lush hiking trails come into view, and outdoor enthusiasts throng the region. The town center, with its historic landmarks and cozy eateries, emerges as a must-visit spot, promising warmth and hospitality. Engelberg also lives up to the expectations of cultural tourists with its Benedictine monastery and local cheese dairy. With so much to offer, Holidays to Engelberg guarantees an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

German, French, Italian
Swiss Franc (CHF)
1h 30m (from London)
BRN, 43.5 mi
Belp Airport

Top holiday packages to Engelberg

Engelberg, Switzerland
H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg
Engelberg, Switzerland
SPANNORT Gasthaus & Restaurant
Engelberg, Switzerland
Kempinski Palace Engelberg
Engelberg, Switzerland
Engelberg, Switzerland
Hotel Engelberg das Trail Hotel
Engelberg, Switzerland
Apartment TITLIS Resort Studio 5 by Interhome
Engelberg, Switzerland
Apartment TITLIS Resort 4-Zimmer Wohnung 6 by Interhome
Engelberg, Switzerland
Apartment Birkenstrasse 70-1 by Interhome

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