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    TOP 10: Best beaches in Sardinia

    For many, Sardinia is one of the best dream beach destinations of Europe. Here you will find beaches that can compete with the dream beaches in the Caribbean. Below we will introduce you to the ten most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean island and give you tips on how to make the most of your beach holiday. 

    Costa Rei

    We start with a top beach in the south-east of the island. The extensive, sandy beach is well signposted and not to be missed both from the direction of Cagliari in the south and Villasimius. The Costa Rei is gently sloping and ideal for children. It stretches over several bays and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sea sparkles in the most beautiful blue tones. During the pre-season, the beach is still solitary and a real insider tip. On the Costa Rei there are numerous shops and restaurants as well as a surfboard rental.

    Our tip: Those who love long beach walks, will love it here because the section stretches for almost 10km. 

    Cala Goloritze

    Among insiders, the Cala Goloritze is an insider tip for authentic holidays. There are no sun loungers or umbrella hire, no restaurants or beach bars, but clear water and a breath-taking backdrop with cliffs sloping steeply into the sea. The azure blue water shimmers in the most beautiful tones and the white pebble beach makes the sight perfect. It is possible to make the journey by boat, but you have to swim the last few metres, because the boats are not allowed to sit on the beach. Alternatively, the beach is accessible via a longer hike.

    Our tip: The Cala Goloritze is a paradise for snorkelling.  


    Capriccioli is located on the Costa Smeralda, about 3km south of Cala di Volpe. In the village there are numerous hotels and restaurants. The beach is a paradise for families. Fine sand and gently sloping, it is ideal for children to play in crystal clear water. It is embedded in pine groves and surrounded by olive trees and therefore very sheltered from the wind. Large granite rocks divide it into two parts. The rocks shimmer in the most beautiful tones of sandy beige to violet and ochre.

    Our tip: Before Capriccioli there are boat tours on offer, which can be well combined with diving.  

    Porto Istana

    The beach of Porto Istana is located in the north-east of Sardinia, about 10km from Olbia. If you love the Caribbean, but are afraid of the long journey, this is the perfect compromise. The gorgeous beach provides the typical postcard motif and the water shimmering in different shades of blue provides a relaxing sight. A car park is only 50m away. The white sand runs flatly into the sea and makes the beach a paradise for families. There are typical small bars on the beach for supplies.

    Our tip: Take a walk on the beach to the neighbouring Cala Brandinchi, another beautiful bay with large pine trees that provide shade.  

    Cala Luna

    Cala Luna - named moon bay - can only be reached by boat or a hike. The boats usually start in Cala Gonone. Caves blasted into the rock provide a fantastic backdrop. The beach itself is rather gritty, but wonderfully white with the turquoise-blue sea. There is a small restaurant at the beach. The beach is suitable for older children, but not for toddlers.

    Our tip: Visit the beach during the off-peak season, as it gets really crowded in the summer.  

    Cala Giunco

    The water at Cala Giunco appears hardly unsurpassed in its variety of shimmering blue tones. It is not for no reason that numerous adverts have already been shot here. The dream beach can be reached via the coastal road in the direction of Villasimius. Parking is available near the beach and there are various provision facilities. Even massages are offered on the beach. It can be very windy here, so it is especially popular with kitesurfers. In the background of the main beach Simius, there is also an adjacent salt lake.

    Our tip: Here you can watch flamingos - many of the pink birds have settled here.  

    Cala Brandinchi

    Cala Brandinchi is one of the best beaches in Sardinia. The beach is near Porto Istana. The snow-white sand falls flatter, than anywhere else in Sardinia, into the water. As in a South Sea lagoon, you can walk metres into the water. For beach holidays with children, Cala Brandinchi is perfect. On the beach there are several bars and you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas; you will also find shady places under pine trees. In the high season it gets very crowded, very quickly. 

    Our tip: Visit the Cala Brandinchi in May or September, then you will have plenty of space.  

    Cala Banana

    Cala Banana is an insider tip near Olbia. You will reach this beautiful, somewhat hidden bay through the holiday village Nodu Pianu. The light, fine sand falls flat into the sea. Enjoy the magnificent view over to the offshore island of Tavolara. The beach is very quiet and is perfect for relaxing. The bar on the beach provides small delicacies. 

    Our tip: Watch the passing ferries from the beach - this is especially an experience for children.   

    Cala Pepino

    The approach to Cala Pepino is easy from Monte Rai to the south. Cala Pepino forms the southern end of the Costa Rei and rises as a promontory about 25m into the sea. The beautiful white sand falls gently into the wonderful turquoise sea. The beach is perfect for children. Like in a lagoon, the water is very shallow and suitable for bathing even in spring. You can snorkel really well around the rock in front of the bay.

    Our tip: Climb on the rocks off the bay and enjoy breath-taking views over the entire Costa Rei.  

    Cala Spinosa

    Cala Spinosa is located on the peninsula of Capo Testa and is also one of the top beaches in Sardinia. The descent is a bit impassable, but worth it in any case. The beach is sandy, narrow, and offers wonderful views. Huge rocks create a beautiful backdrop around the beach. This area is popular, especially among divers and climbers. With a little luck, even turtles walk the beach. There are cafés and bars nearby.

    Our tip: Enjoy the view to the neighbouring island of Corsica.  

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