TOP 10: Best Beaches in Cyprus

Anyone who discovers Cyprus as a tourist destination can, like Aphrodite once, enjoy swimming in meerschaum on the gorgeous coast. In addition to a lot of culture, the many beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean island await you during your beach holiday. The azure blue sea, idyllic bays and wide gravel or sand sections invite you to swim, sunbathe and relax. Here are our beach favourite tips scattered across the coasts of the whole island. As you read, tune in to your next summer holiday destination Cyprus and its best beaches. 

1. Golden Beach

The shimmering golden beach is not only long but also very wide and offers plenty of space for sun worshippers. On the edge, small dune tufts flash up here and there, giving the scene even more atmosphere. The sea turtles of the Caretta Caretta species love the sun, in midsummer their walk into the water for egg storage is celebrated here. Four cosy taverns along the beach provide for the physical well-being. Enjoy specialities such as grilled meats and stuffed grape leaves.

Our tip: Take a long beach walk during the sunrise.

2. Blue Lagoon Beach

At the beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach, the water shines in many shades of blue. One of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus also captivates you with its location in the Akamas National Park, where the nature film-maker David Attenborough once captured the fabulous landscape. The paradisical spot is a true idyll especially for lovers, but can also only be reached on foot: The city of Polis, with its restaurants and shops, is the last civilisation refuge - from here you can only reach the secluded bay by waterway or a dirt road.

Our tip: Snorkel in crystal clear water. 

3. Mackenzie Beach

Sunbathing and party moods belong to the Mackenzie beach like the goddess Aphrodite to Cyprus. On the endless, sandy beach section, which shimmers in different shades of sand, the hottest clubs already turn the music on during sundown- here sun seekers and dancers meet one another. Water sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts and children also feel very well here. Parking is available.

Our tip: Make a night of your bathing day and enjoy the open-air concerts right after sunbathing.

4. Lara Bay

One of the most interesting beaches is Lara Bay, because of its deserted nature: holidaymakers looking for action and entertainment are out of place on the dusty beach. But this beach is ideal for those seeking peace and nature lovers. They are usually completely undisturbed there.

Our tip: Watch the turtles lay their eggs next to your bath towel.

5. Petra Tou Romiou Beach

Almost a "must-see" in Cyprus and guaranteed to be one of the frontrunners among the top beaches. The beach on the eponymous rock with its many bizarre cliffs is a feast for the eyes, which attracts many sun worshippers. This is partly due to the turquoise blue colour and partly because of the popular legend: allegedly, Aphrodite took her first bath here and was made the most beautiful woman in the world.

Our tip: Lovers swim around the rock once for luck: do it now!

6. Paramali Beach

The meeting place for all kiters in Cyprus is the golden beach of Paramali - with its breadth and width, it also offers plenty of space for sunbathing. The interplay of waves, wind and the bright blue sky, where the kites fly high, is true picture-book scenery.

Our tip: Try the wonderful summer sport of kitesurfing. Beginner courses are offered on the beach.

7. Porto Pomos

At Pomos Beach you have to pinch yourself - the sight of the green meadows and the beach promenade only fits upon your second glance of the holiday country, Cyprus. Rather, the scenery with its rough charm and the high waves is reminiscent of the Atlantic coast of England. It is hard to believe that the beach is still one of the secrets despite this dreamlike scenery.

Our tip: A beach excursion to Pomos with the dog caters for movement.

8. Figtree Bay

The trees with the sweet fruit will only be discovered upon closer inspection. In fig tree bay is completed by the azure-blue water with the radiating turquoise-blue sky, the 250m-long sandy beach is brightly lit. This paradise in Cyprus also offers a lot of action with the possibility to ride a banana boat and go jet skiing.

Our tip: Swim to the rocky island off the coast and explore the fabulous world of animals while snorkelling in crystal clear waters. When you are back on the beach, lie down under the shade of the fig trees to rest. The first tree was planted here in the 17th century and can still be seen today.   

9. Konnos Bay

The popular family beach in Cyprus is one of the most visited beaches on the Mediterranean island due to its shallow waters, gently sloping beach and good infrastructure. Those who want to combine the turbulent activity in the sand with a small snack, can taste Cypriot delicacies at the kiosk - with a magnificent view of the cliffs that surround the beach. Water sports enthusiasts will also get their money's worth thanks to the first-class providers on site.

Our tip: Book a friendly tour guide and explore the nearby sea caves by boat.

10. Nissi Beach

Anyone looking for a quiet spot on the famous Nissi beach during the summer season will find it difficult: this long beach is popular with locals and holidaymakers alike due to its excellent infrastructure, scenic nature and inexhaustible entertainment programme. As the water drops gently, the small island of Nissi can easily be reached on foot. Deeper places in the water provide great areas for snorkelling.

Our tip: Here you can meet the Cypriots on a Sunday picnic and watch the pelicans for hours on their beach walks.

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