Beach holidays

Best beach holidays in Europe

Whether you’ve only got time for a quick getaway, or if you fancy trying somewhere a bit more far-flung? Everyone can find the perfect beach holiday destination with our range of destinations. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration we’ve pulled together our list of the Top 10 best holiday destinations.

Always popular, beach holidays appeal to all ages. They're an ideal choice for special occasions such as weddings and honeymoons as well as an inspired choice for long family holidays and short breaks. Whether you prefer flight inclusive holidays or whether you would rather plan your own itinerary, there are dozens of tempting destinations to choose from. And, many are much more affordable than you might imagine with bargain prices on breaks in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Holiday destinations with white sandy beaches

Spain holidays offer access to some of the finest sandy beaches, ideal for adults to relax in the sun and children to enjoy the sand. The coastal lagoon of La Manga del Mar Menor, a highlight of holidays to Spain, features expansive golden sands and warm, shallow waters, creating a safe family-friendly haven. For more secluded beach experiences, consider Majorca holidays. This Balearic island boasts miles of uncrowded beaches, with a nature reserve safeguarding its pristine sands and rolling dunes.

Holidays to Turkey's Turquoise Coast offer a chance to explore its stunning 19-kilometre coastline, known for being a protected nesting area for endangered loggerhead turtles. This region's commitment to conservation enhances its appeal as a unique beach destination. Similarly, Gozo holidays in Malta bring you to the striking Ramla Bay beach. The beach's distinctive bright orange sand creates a dramatic and memorable setting for any beach holiday, making it a must-visit on your trip to Malta.

Water sports holidays

Portugal holidays to Peniche beach are a must for surfing enthusiasts. The dramatic Atlantic headland of this area offers challenging barrel waves for seasoned surfers and gentler bays for beginners, making it a top surfing destination. For snorkelling, consider holidays to Menorca in the Balearic Islands, where the beaches boast clear, calm waters. Menorca's numerous low-key beaches are perfect for wading into the warm water and exploring a vibrant underwater world.

Greece holidays are diverse and exciting. Whether you're interested in sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, or yachting, Greece's numerous bays and deserted coves in its islands offer endless opportunities for water-based adventures. The azure waters of the Greek islands are perfect for a variety of beach activities, making Greece an ideal destination for beach-goers

Our top beach holiday destinations!

Uncover Europe's finest beach holiday spots

Europe's shores are a tapestry of varied beach experiences, from energetic party beaches to serene, picturesque settings. Whether you're planning the perfect time to visit or looking for unique activities, these destinations offer the ideal beach getaway.

Party beaches: Europe's vibrant nightlife by the sea

Ibiza holidays are synonymous with pulsating nightclubs and beachside parties, attracting world-renowned DJs and a lively international crowd. The island's energetic nightlife is complemented by beautiful beaches and a warm Mediterranean climate, making it a top destination for party-goers. In a similar vein, holidays to Benidorm present a mix of sun-soaked beaches and a vibrant nightlife. This Spanish coastal town is famous for its lively bars and nightclubs that light up the beachfront, offering endless entertainment options.

Instagram-worthy beaches: Europe's picturesque coastal gems

For breathtaking views, Tenerife holidays offer diverse landscapes, from black sandy beaches to dramatic volcanic backdrops. The island's unique terrain provides countless opportunities for stunning photography. Greek islands, on the other hand, are the epitome of Mediterranean charm. With holidays to Greece, you can capture the essence of the region's beauty – think whitewashed buildings against azure seas, rugged cliffs, and sandy coves, all making for perfect Instagram shots.

Best time to visit: perfect seasons for European beach holidays

For a quintessential Mediterranean experience, consider holidays to the Adriatic Coast, especially in Croatia. Ideal from June to September, these months promise warm weather and serene swimming conditions. The Croatian coast is not just about crystal-clear waters, but also about exploring historic towns and scenic landscapes. Alternatively, Algarve holidays in Portugal are best from June to August. The Atlantic shores here offer a cool retreat with stunning cliffs and golden beaches, perfect for a summer getaway.

Activities and what to do: exploring beyond the sands

Beach holidays in Europe offer much more than sunbathing. In the Algarve, Portugal, activities range from surfing on its western coast to scenic cliff walks. This region is also known for its sea kayaking adventures. Italy holidays, particularly along the Italian Riviera, combine beach relaxation with cultural exploration. Discover sailing in the Ligurian Sea, visit quaint coastal towns like Portofino, and enjoy Italian culinary delights. These destinations offer a perfect mix of adventure, leisure, and cultural enrichment, making your beach holiday truly unforgettable.

Best beach holiday destinations in Europe