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If you're thinking about a UK escape, why not make your trip all-inclusive? At, we offer an easy way to book all-inclusive holidays to UK destinations, from major cities like London and Edinburgh, to beach resorts, islands and rural beauty spots. Bringing flights, accommodation, food, and on-site activities together in one deal, these holidays will make enjoying time away from home easier than ever.

So explore our UK listings today. You're sure to find a hotel with family activities, gourmet cuisine, and plenty of nearby attractions - all bundled up in one convenient package.

All inclusive holidays from the UK

Top destinations for an all inclusive holiday in the UK

Cheap all inclusive holidays in the UK offer a wide range of experiences, with options for sports obsessives, history lovers, foodies, and families seeking activities for youngsters to enjoy. Here are a few options available via that could capture your attention.


London holidays offer an experience in the UK's capital that is constantly changing and always inviting, a tourist paradise in its own right. There are family attractions everywhere you look, from the celebrity waxworks of Madame Tussauds, to the thrill of catching EPL matches featuring Spurs, Arsenal, or Chelsea. The bustling shops of Oxford Street and the historic London 2012 Olympic Park add to the city's charm. For those seeking fine food, vibrant nightlife, and world-class museums, London does not disappoint. These are just the icing on the cake for visitors, who will never tire of exploring one of the world's greatest cities.


Jersey holidays highlight the charm of the largest of the Channel Islands, closer to France than England, and with a distinctly European feel. The island entices with fine seafood restaurants and quaint fishing villages, captivating couples and older visitors. Attractions like Jersey Zoo and the Second World War Tunnels offer a blend of sheer fun and educational experiences. The superb beaches further solidify Jersey as a top option for all-inclusive holidays to the UK.destinations. 


Scotland holidays offer an enchanting blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. This northern part of the UK boasts breathtaking scenery, from the rugged Highlands to serene lochs like the famous Loch Ness. Explore historic Edinburgh with its iconic castle and the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile. Glasgow, known for its dynamic art scene and modern vibe, contrasts beautifully with the traditional charm of the Scottish countryside. Venture to the Isle of Skye for dramatic landscapes or enjoy a whisky tasting tour in one of the many distilleries. Whether it's following the footsteps of clans and kings, enjoying the local culinary delights, or seeking adventure in outdoor activities, Scotland holidays promise a memorable experience.


Edinburgh holidays are renowned for attracting theatre, comedy, and art fans, especially during the vibrant summer months. Scotland's capital is a fantastic UK holiday option almost all year-round, packed with cultural experiences. The city oozes history, from the majestic Edinburgh Castle to the panoramic views from Arthur's Seat, overlooking the 18th-century historic centre. In addition to its rich cultural tapestry, Edinburgh is conveniently situated near some of the world's best golf courses, offering all-inclusive possibilities for sports enthusiasts.


Developed as a pleasure resort for the royal elite in the 18th century, Brighton holidays embody the essence of a culturally diverse, laid-back coastal city with plenty for visitors to enjoy. Experience regal opulence at its most extravagant with a visit to the Royal Pavilion, duck into the Lanes to discover craft stores, cafes, and pubs, or delight the kids with a tour of the Sea Life Aquarium. As night falls, Brighton's vibrant nightlife scene makes it a tough contender to beat, establishing it as a great all-inclusive destination for couples or groups of friends.

Things to do in UK on an all inclusive holiday

When you book cheap all inclusive holidays in the UK, finding things to do won't be much of a problem. The country's leading tourism centres offer endless attractions for all sorts of visitors. If families want a guaranteed adrenaline rush for young travellers, amusement parks like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park will do the trick. Music fans will love Liverpool, with its links to the Beatles. And outdoor lovers can lose themselves in the sublime scenery of the Lake District, the Pennines, or the Scottish Highlands.

Getting around

The UK isn't a huge country by any means, and internal transport links are usually reliable. Trains connect most major cities, especially on a north-south axis. They are a great way to get from London to York, Liverpool, Manchester, or Edinburgh.

Hiring a car as part of family holidays could make sense as well. That way, you can head from London to Windsor Castle in half an hour. And there are flights between many major cities, so getting around won't be tough. 


Sport is a national obsession in the UK, and staying near major stadiums is a good way to reach major events. Important football stadiums include Wembley, the Emirates, and White Hart Lane (all in London), as well as Anfield and Old Trafford (in the north west).

Rugby fans should head to Twickenham in London, Cardiff's Principality Stadium, or Murrayfield in Edinburgh, while the foremost cricket stadium is Lords, in north-west London. 

Theatres and Nightlife 

If you're seeking a cultural escape, London's West End has the UK's highest concentration of theatres. Nightlife is different, with many smaller cities possessing lively music, dining, and clubbing scenes. Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol, Brighton, and Manchester are all ideal for visitors who want to make the most of their evenings.

Foodies can find excellent restaurants everywhere, including Cornwall, where Nathan Outlaw is regularly rated number one in the country. 

Major Celebrations and Things to Know 

The UK doesn't have many national celebrations, aside from New Year and Christmas. However, visitors will find many local festivals and traditions.

There's Edinburgh's Hogmanay (a unique take on New Year), the Hay Literary Festival in east Wales, and the Eisteddfod, which celebrates Welsh culture in late summer.

Typical food and gastronomy in the UK

Traditional food in the UK tends to be simple and satisfying. Don't miss a classic meal of fish and chips, where haddock or cod is encased in batter and served with thick, deep-fried chips. Street food like Cornish pasties or Scotch eggs offer a filling way to keep yourself going in between attractions.

However, modern British food goes way beyond these dishes. Gastro-pubs like Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck use local ingredients to create dazzling takes on British cuisine, while every city centre will boast several excellent Indian restaurants, and finding cuisine from all over the world is rarely difficult. Recent years have seen hundreds of pubs convert to family-friendly spaces, mixing fine food, a friendly atmosphere, and craft beers or ales. So give them a visit as well.

Weather & Climate in the UK

While it's true that few people visit the UK for its wall to wall sunshine, the weather in summer can be extremely warm and sunny. Areas like west Wales and Cornwall enjoy particularly warm climates, and average over 20 degrees centigrade in July and August.

London also tends to be warmer than the rest of the country, and often experiences summer heatwaves. Most of the country receives mild weather and above average rainfall in spring and autumn, and chilly temperatures from November to March. Whenever travellers visit, it's advisable to bring a raincoat and have a few wet weather activities planned, just in case.

Accommodation in the UK

Travellers booking all inclusive holidays to UK cities or beach destinations probably won't find sprawling resort hotels. Instead, accommodation in the UK tends to involve smaller hotels, hotels adapted from country houses or castles, or bed and breakfast options.

When booking, customers can build their own all-inclusive breaks by adding flights, car hire and accommodation together, and it may also be possible to add excursions or activities to the package as well. Adding everything together can deliver big savings while taking care of holiday essentials in one purchase, so it's an attractive option. 

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