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With a long coastline stretching alongside the Adriatic Sea, over 1,200 mostly uninhabited islands and extensive mountains, Croatia offers an escape into nature with incredible views. Add in ancient Roman cities, ski resorts and picturesque beaches, and all inclusive holidays to Croatia give you the complete package whatever experience you are looking for. With a pleasant Mediterranean climate and flavourful cuisine, holidays in Croatia are an ideal European getaway.

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Top destinations for an all inclusive holiday in Croatia

Croatia has such a varied landscape, regional cuisines and attractions that you can have a completely different holiday when you visit one area compared to the next. Here are some of the top destinations in Croatia from 

  • Istria - a heart-shaped peninsula on the northern coast of the Adriatic which is ideal for family holidays. With rocky beaches and watersports, wineries and mountains, many activities in Istria are outdoor based. The beautiful scenery and availability of bikes for hire make it the ideal location to explore using pedal power. With seasonal cuisine, you'll find comfort-inducing truffles and stews in autumn and winter and light, fresh seafood and vegetables in the spring and summer.
  • Split - a true Mediterranean town with an ancient centre, elegant seafront promenade and a wide range of sights and attractions. Art galleries celebrate the works of local artists, such as Danijel Jaman and the Jaksic family. Relax at the beach or head to the nearby Marjan Hill for some rock climbing, mountain biking or walking. The location in Dalmatia makes Split an ideal base for exploring the islands, National Parks and Roman ruins in the area.
  • Dubrovnik - With terracotta rooftops set against sandy-coloured buildings, the old city is pristine and beautifully preserved. Take a cable car ride up to Srd Hill to enjoy the view of the city from above. The Franciscan Monastery , the Lovrijenac Fortress and the 2 km-long city walls are among the top sights in this historic city. There are also rocky beaches and the nearby Lokrum and Lopud islands that offer a refreshing and relaxing day by the sea.
  • Zagreb - The capital of Croatia is a city with a proud history, you will often see people dressed up as historical characters and you can even join in for a photo opportunity in costume. At the weekends between April and October there are Promenade Concerts in Zrinjevac park and the Changing of the Guard march through the city. Antique markets and vintage clothing stores, along with a plethora of coffee shops give the city a small-town feel.

Things to do in Croatia on an all inclusive holiday

Croatia is a fascinating country with much to offer, from beautiful beaches to historical sights. Wherever you go in the country you will find culture and nature in equal measure. All inclusive holidays to Croatia give you a base from which your adventure can begin. These are some of our top choices of things to do in Croatia:


While there are busy bars and nightclubs available in cities, much of Croatia's nightlife has a slower, more refined pace. Wander the cobbled streets and you'll find pleasant bars with outdoor seating, those overlooking the sea or stylish cocktail bars and fine restaurants. Enjoy the warm summer nights with a cool drink, take in the view and watch the world go by.


Throughout Croatia there are a number of festivals held at various times of the year. In Rovinj in the middle of June, the Salsa Festival offers two weeks of displays by internationals dancers, parties and salsa lessons. From June to August, at the atrium of Euphrasian basilica in Porec there are a number of classical music concerts held every year. At the end of September, Zagreb hosts the Gričevanje event, with a range of parties, concerts, robotic performances and workshops suitable for all ages. 

Explore nature

Croatia has extensive mountain ranges with towns and cities dotted in between them, this means that an excellent hiking location is never far away. Krka Waterfalls are an hour's drive from Split and offer incredible views, the opportunity to swim and numerous trails, lakes and caves to explore. Visitors can view Brac Island from several different vantage points by scuba diving into underwater caves, sea kayaking around the coast and mountain biking up to Vidova gora to appreciate the breath taking view at the summit.


With seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, Croatia is a veritable playground for history buffs. The historic city of Trogir is a well-preserved Venetian town dating back to the 13th century which was built on a small island 20 km north of Split. The historical complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian was built in the 3rd century features the remains of a Roman palace as well as Baroque and Gothic palaces from the 15th century. The Old City of Dubrovnik is another display of perfectly preserved architecture surrounded by cliffside walls. The city was more recently used as a filming location to depict King's Landing in the popular Games of Thrones TV show.

Typical food and gastronomy in Croatia

Croatian cuisine takes inspiration from neighbouring countries including Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Turkey. Regions throughout the country also have their own interpretations and flavours. Along the Dalmation Coast the food is very much Mediterranean in style with fish being the main star, combined with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. In Slavonia, pork is the primary ingredient in most dishes and is often seasoned with red paprika. Crni rizot is found in many seafood restaurants, it is black risotto coloured by the ink from squid and served with mussels or other shellfish. Punjene paprike are bell peppers stuffed with minced meat, rice and spices, served with a tomato sauce. 

Weather & Climate in Croatia

Croatia has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Summer is a very popular time with visitors due to the low humidity and temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. The weather between June and September is the most appealing and winters are generally wet with temperatures of 0-7°C. Many tourist areas close down during the winter, except for in the larger cities and the skiing areas like Platak and Mrkopalj.

Visa and migration info

There is no need for a visa for a Croatia holiday. 

Accomodation in Croatia

Accommodation in Croatia ranges from stylish seafront resorts to contemporary city hotels. Booking a flight and a

 together saves money compared to booking them separately. Cheap all inclusive holidays in Croatia mean everything is organised ahead of time and you have more time and money to spend on enjoying yourself while you're there. At we offer the best deals on holidays to Croatia.

Extra tips

While taxis are affordable in Zagreb, in the rest of Croatia they tend to be very expensive. There is an extensive bus system, they are much cheaper and are great for getting around cities and between different locations. Renting a car is recommended if you plan on travelling around a lot, especially away from the larger cities.