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Find inner peace in the heart of London

Often home to the capital’s biggest trade shows, this weekend Kensington’s Olympia will have a very different kind of vibe, with the Mind Body Soul Experience stopping by the splendid Victorian Exhibition Centre. With plenty of soothing and rejuvenating treatments and products to sample, and workshops and yoga classes running throughout the weekend, you’ll be sure to find some great inspiration for relaxation.

Owls are the new cats

In the weird world of Japan’s themed cafes, cats are no longer king. Now those in search of something cute alongside their coffee are flocking to the Fukuro no Mise owl cafe in Tokyo.

Home to several species of owl, all of which are incredibly adorable, getting up close and personal with these little balls of fluff is very much encouraged. We plan to fly in soon, before someone hits on a new, even cuter café idea.      

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