The Alcudia Market

Everything you need to know about Majorca's top market

A great way to get to know the local culture and experience the real Majorca is to visit one of the island’s many markets. The markets in Alcudia appear twice weekly and are the biggest in the north of the island. So, if you’re on holiday in Alcudia, it’s a must-see event.

  1. Where is the market?
  2. When is the market open?
  3. What to buy in the market
  4. How to get there?
  5. Are there other markets in Majorca?

The markets attract a mix of locals – shopping for fruit, vegetables and groceries – and tourists soaking up the atmosphere and seeking fun souvenirs. The Alcudia market is a great option for finding local produce at great prices for making a picnic lunch or dinner of local specialities.

1. Where is the market?

The Alcudia market is found beside the city walls in the square at El Passeig de la Mare de Deu de la Victoria. During winter, it mostly covers the square but during the summer tourist season it’s much bigger, spreading from here through the narrow streets of Alcudia old town. The main food, fruit and veg is found in the original location at El Passeig while the other streets house the souvenirs, clothes, bags, jewellery and much more.

Where: El Passeig de la Mare de Deu de la Victoria

Top tip: The market is bigger in high season (May–Sep)

2. When is the market open?

The market in Alcudia is one of the largest in Majorca and runs twice weekly, so you’ll have one or two opportunities to visit during your trip to the island. The market is open every Tuesday and Sunday starting from 8 a.m. until 1.30 p.m. (or occasionally later), taking up a large part of the old-town centre. It’s a little quieter early in the morning, with mostly locals looking to catch the best bargains and fills up in the afternoons.

Days: Tuesday & Sunday

Times: 08:00–~13:30

3. What to buy in the market

Most locals attend their market for produce, and the food section is dedicated to local farmers selling island fruits like melon and strawberries, as well as dried fruit and nuts, salad ingredients and vegetables. You’ll also find artisan cheese, oil, wine, olives and cured meats. On the other stalls you’ll find absolutely everything from clothes, toys and books to leather goods like handbags and shoes, and jewellery. You’ll also find plenty of quaint souvenir items to remind you of your Majorca holiday.

Best things to buy: leather goods, cured meat/cheese

Top tip: you can haggle for good prices

4. How to get there?

The Alcudia market is in the heart of the old town, easy walking distance from old-town accommodation. From Port d’Alcudia there are several buses (lines 315, 322, 324) and taxi would take less than 15 minutes. There are also two buses from Port de Pollença (322, 334). Alternatively, if you drive, there’s ample free public parking just a few minutes’ walk away at either Carrer de Quint Cecili Metel – although it can get quite busy on market day.

Port d'Alcudia buses: 315, 322, 324

Port de Pollença buses: 322, 334

5. Are there other markets in Majorca?

There are several other great markets to visit in Majorca besides the Alcudia market. One of the biggest and most famous weekly markets is held every Thursday morning in Inca. It’s most famous for its leather goods. There are also markets every Sunday morning, selling fresh local fruit and vegetables, flowers and handcrafts in the Placa Major square in Pollença or every Wednesday in Port de Pollença .

Alcudia to Inca by bus: 302 ~20 mins

Alcudia to Inca by car: Ma-13, 25 mins

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