Majorca tourist attractions

Top Majorca sights

In the western Mediterranean, sits Majorca - pretty beaches, tranquil villages and a vibrant nightlife scene are just some of the top Majorca attractions.

  1. Stroll around pretty La Seu
  2. Explore Majorca’s beautiful coastline and enjoy the sea
  3. Visit a fascinating monastery in Majorca
  4. Enjoy a scenic island, Deià
  5. Go shopping in Majorca
  6. Dance the night away in Majorca

For decades, the island has been Europe’s playground, offering a variety of experiences perfect for those seeking cheap holidays to Majorca. The island, measuring 72km (45 miles) by 96km (60 miles), is a treasure trove of attractions. Well over half of its population resides in the animated and cosmopolitan capital city of Palma, which is a hub of culture, history, and entertainment.

This blend of vibrant city life and the island's natural beauty makes Majorca an ideal destination for travelers looking for an affordable yet memorable holiday experience. For more insights on how to fully embrace this unique combination, make sure to refer to our Majorca guide, which offers extensive information to help you plan a perfect trip.

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1. Stroll around pretty La Seu

La Seu, the formidable Gothic cathedral in Majorca, was founded in 1299 following the Reconquest by Jaume I (the Conqueror) and dominates the seafront. The interior’s magnificent proportions and traditional splendour are enhanced by Gaudí’s baldachin hanging over the main altar, making it a wonderful addition to Majorca’s list of attractions.

Visiting La Seu is undoubtedly one of the first things to do in Palma, as it not only allows you to immerse yourself in its historical and architectural grandeur, but also offers fantastic views of the bay. Exploring this iconic cathedral provides a deep insight into the rich cultural heritage of Majorca, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Palma.

Best for: Cathedral

While you’re there The island’s most important building, the classical-style Palau de l’Almudaina with delicately arched and covered balconies, was once a palace for the Muslim governors.

2. Explore Majorca’s beautiful coastline and enjoy the sea

Exploring Majorca’s 965km (600-mile) long coastline, starting clockwise from Palma, offers an insight into the variety of beaches in Majorca. The first stop along this coastal journey is the marina and restaurant complex of Portals Nous, where impressive yachts are moored in clusters.

As you continue, you'll reach high-rise Magaluf, which, though primarily attractive to the thousands of Brits who flock there, is just one of the many beach experiences the island offers. Each part of Majorca's extensive coastline presents a unique beach setting.

Port d’Andratx lies close to the western tip of the island, on a sheltered bay popular with boating fans. Banyalbufar, to the north, has some of the island’s finest terraced orchards, and Esporlas has La Granja, a cross between a stately home, craft centre, traditional farmhouse and museum of rural life.

Don’t forget to perch on the beach - this is undoubtedly one of the top Majorca attractions! Plenty of watersports are also available to make the very most of the water.

Best for: The coastline

While you’re there: Majorca also has some fine golf courses if you’re an avid golfer.

3. Visit a fascinating monastery in Majorca

Valldemosa, which lies just inland, is a magnet for tourists who come to visit the monastery of La Real Cartuja built on top of a royal castle. In it, you can see exhibits relating to the novelist George Sand and her companion, Frédéric Chopin, who rented rooms here between 1838 and 1839.

Besides the monastery, simply walking around Valldemosa is an attraction in itself and not to be missed. The town's quaint streets, flanked by traditional stone houses and vibrant local flora, offer a peaceful escape into the heart of Majorca's serene landscape.

This charming town offers a unique glimpse into the quieter, more reflective side of Majorcan life, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Best for: A monastery

While you’re there: If you’re looking for a pretty town to wander around, head to the town of Sóller. It’s linked to Palma by a delightful narrow-gauge railway, with polished wood carriages making the hour-long journey through orchards and then mountain scenery.

4. Enjoy a scenic island, Deià

Deià, probably the island’s most attractive town, a pretty hilltop community built from honey-coloured stone. It’s definitely up there as one of the top Majorca tourists attractions.

Something of an artists’ colony - Robert Graves, the English poet and novelist, author of I, Claudius, is buried in the cemetery - this is also a good base for visiting the Tramuntana region in the north-west. A favourite haunt of the independent traveller, there are few beaches here, but a spectacular - and hair-raising - road allows fantastic views.

Best for: Picturesque island

While you’re there: If you’re looking to explore more of the island, head to the north where there are the isolated and splendid cliffs of the Cap de Formentor.

5. Go shopping in Majorca

Majorca is a haven for shoppers. Find artificial pearls which have been made in the area, these are so convincing that experts are often fooled. Some say the test is to rub them along your teeth - the real ones are more gritty. Majorca is a centre for glassmaking.

The typical blue, green or amber bowls, glasses and jugs are sold in many mainland stores. Even if you’re not shopping, browsing the shops are one of the top Majorca sightseeing experiences

Best for: Keen shoppers

While you’re there: Searching for Majorca holidays? We’ve got a wonderful selection for you!

6. Dance the night away in Majorca

Majorca is renowned for its vibrant and exciting nightlife. With plenty of clubs, bars and dance floors, Majorca never sleeps. Jam-packed with evening entertainment, you won’t ever be bored here. Gringos is a top-quality nightclub for dancing the night away!

Best for: Keen dancers

While you’re there: For keen eaters, remember to try tumbet, (ratatouille and potato casserole with meat or fish).

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