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There are lots of things people know about Berlin – it’s fun, it’s full of history and crammed with culture. But one thing it doesn’t always get credit for is just how beautiful this city really is. That’s why we’re here ready to outline all of the best places to visit in Berlin. You’ll get the lowdown on all the most popular landmarks together with an outline itinerary to help you squeeze in as much as possible during your visit to the German capital.

Historic Berlin

As with so many other incredible cities around the world, a big part of Berlin’s charm is the wonderful contrast between old and new. Yes, the city has countless historic sites to see, but there’s a modern feel to so many areas which is so very different in character. But if you’re primarily after historic detail, when it comes to Berlin attractions, these are the ones you should visit.

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic Berlin sights and should be high on the list for any tourist. A reminder of when the city stood divided, this is where people would flock to catch a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain. Nowadays, the gate clearly stands for unity and is felt to represent a city that’s come together. The Reichstag is another symbol of Germany’s past which celebrates the important role the nation has played as a leading internationally recognised democracy. Close to the Reichstag, you’ll also find the Holocaust Memorial which offers a place of contemplation and a reminder of all those who suffered during World War II. 

Another interesting slice of history actually bridges the gap between old and new: The Berlin Wall not only played a significant role in the cold-war segregation of Berlin, it now features many pieces of artwork created via the city’s up-and-coming street-art scene. 

Best for: Those seeking iconic locations
Must-do: Street-art which now decorates the Berlin Wall

Modern Berlin

Speaking of old meets new, and in addition to the amazing contrast the Berlin Wall represents, you can also find a modern dome structure in the grounds of the historic Reichstag building. If you like panoramic views, as most of us do, then you simply must visit Panoramapunkt. Billed as the ‘destination above the rooftops’ in Berlin, you can reach this wonderful vista via the fastest elevator in Europe. However, it may be sensible not to ride this warp-speed lift immediately after lunch if you are feeling a little delicate. And if you want to take in some modern art, the Contemporary Fine Arts gallery is certainly one of the things to see in Berlin.

Best for: Connoisseurs of modern art
Don’t miss: The views from the Panoramapunkt

Cultural Berlin

When it comes to cultural features, Berlin is simply one of the best city breaks. The city has around 170 museums – including the ‘famous five’ residing on the block of land known as Museum Island. With so many venues to choose from and the sheer diversity of things to do in Berlin, we’re really not exaggerating when we say there is something for everyone.

The incredibly moving Jewish Museum is a humbling experience for those who want to learn more about World War II. Modellpark Berlin is the city’s ‘tiny town’ and is a particularly handy spot to visit if you’re on a tight schedule and want to take in multiple sights at once. For instance, the Puppentheater Museum, showcasing more than 300 puppets and marionettes, is as creepy as it is cute. But if that’s not really your thing, there are still 177 more attractions to choose from.

Best for: Cultural appreciation at all levels
Don’t miss (Tip): Berlin’s Modellpark features all the city attractions in miniature 

Landmarks in Berlin

Other landmarks in the city include the Alexanderplatz, where the city began its rebuilding programme. While you’re there, take a trip to the top of the TV tower – at 368 metres high it’s the tallest building in Germany – for a magnificent bird’s eye view of the city. There’s even a revolving restaurant so you can enjoy your viewing in style. For a different perspective on the city, walk or cycle to the top of Teufelsberg Peak – definitely one of the best things to do in Berlin on a clear sunny day.

Best for: Sampling major city attractions
Don’t miss (Tip): Dine at the TV Tower while you take in stunning views

Moving Around Berlin

Alongside these incredible attractions, there’s still so much more to explore around Berlin. From the visiting the Mitte central district to browsing the vintage market found at Boxhagener Platz, you’ll find lots to fill your days. But with so much to see, you need to be able to move around quickly and easily – which happens to be a breeze in Berlin. Buying a Berlin Welcome Card gives you access to the city’s trams, trains and metros, thus giving you free rein when planning what to do in Berlin.

Best for: Cityscape explorers
Don’t miss (Tip): A Berlin Welcome Card avoids transport issues

If you want to move around using a different mode of transport, there are numerous tours around the city you can access by bike or on foot. In fact, there are a number of free walking tours led by locals who are always full of captivating anecdotal information.

Still looking to get even better acquainted with Berlin? Then check out our other travel guides for tips on the city’s amazing food, it’s wonderfully varied nightlife, and some advice on how easy it can be to move around the city by bike.

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