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A great city for culture and landmarks, because of its excellent infrastructure Berlin is also one of the easiest cities to get around. But that doesn’t stop thousands of locals and tourists alike donning a helmet and choosing to get out and explore the city on two wheels instead. It’s a great way to get around during your holiday in Berlin, quickly and tick off the city’s must-see attractions according to your own schedule. So we’re here to offer some guidance on how to do Berlin by bike.

Renting a Bike in Berlin

Berlin’s a great city to traverse on a bike because it’s mostly flat, which makes it an easy place to get around regardless of your confidence on two wheels. Lots of locals whizz around the city cycle lanes on their own personal bikes, but don’t worry, you won’t have to pack your own wheels. Bike hire in Berlin is easy to arrange, and many hotels and hostels offer their own service. 

But don’t panic if your hotel can’t help, you’ll see signs all over the place. And for something a little different, you might want to try one of the city’s unique options – a wooden bike. They run just as smoothly as any metal option, but these wooden bikes look that bit better on Instagram! You can hire these wooden versions from a company called Urban Bikes. Bikes can be rented for a full day, or for just a half day. And you can even hire a tandem bike if you want to go cycling with your significant other.

Best for: Getting around at your own pace
Must do: Hire a cool, Instagram-friendly wooden bike

Where to cycle in Berlin?

With your bike sorted, you’ll be wondering what Berlin sights you can view while moving around the city. Tempelhofer Feld is a popular place to explore. A former airport of over 300 hectares, it’s now a splendid park which everyone can enjoy. There, you’ll find lots of Berliners at play: cycling, rollerblading, exercising, playing football or just having a picnic. 

That’s just some of the reasons why this is one of the best Berlin activities you can do on your bike. 

You’ll also find quite a few people following the Berlin Wall, and stopping every now and then to admire the wonderful street-art murals, or learn something of historical significance. You might consider this a mobile history lesson.

Best for: Truly mobile sight-seeing
Must do: Explore the Berlin Wall  

Berlin Bike Tours

The great thing about seeing Berlin by bike is that you can visit all the sights and Berlin attractions in your own time and at your own pace. You can stop whenever you like, and you won’t be subject to any timetable. That also means you can do more exploring. For instance, if you spot an interesting courtyard, a strange building or a small street, you can investigate and take as long as you wish. In fact, Berlin has so many different sights and places of interest it may well be worth taking a city tour by bike. 

When it comes to picking a Berlin bike tour, there are a broad variety to choose from. However, it may well be worth starting with a basic tour to help you get your bearings around the city. Many basic tours cover lots of famous Berlin sights such as the iconic Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, the elegant Lindenstrasse, the Reichstag and the city’s beautiful Tiergarten Park. 

Lots of companies specialise in Berlin bike tours, including Fat Tire Bike Tours and Berlin on Bike. Both these companies offer bike rentals as well as tours. However, for something completely different, a number of locals will take you on specialised tours geared to your own interests, at very reasonable rates. Check out these ‘tours with the locals’ online and you will find specialised music tours, street-art tours, off-the-beaten-track journeys, and even one mysteriously named – secret Berlin…  

Best for: Seeing major attractions
Must do: Check out specialist tours with the locals 

Exploring by Bike

Once you’re a little better acquainted with the city, you’ll want to get out there like a local and explore things at your own speed.

On your travels, be sure to tick off a few more great things to do in Berlin – like visiting Checkpoint Charlie, the former crossing point between East and West Berlin. And Hansaviertel is a must-see for connoisseurs of architecture because its buildings offer plenty of contrast between the old and the new. And finally, if you need a bit of a break while you’re in the saddle, stop off at Schleusenkrug Beer Garden and enjoy some of their local brew.

Did you know? 700 out of every 1000 residents own a bike. So you’ll have plenty of people to ask if you get lost.


Berlin by bike is possibly the best way to enjoy this amazing city and discover its top attractions and great sights. To find out more, why not check out our other guides for things to do around Berlin, the best food to sample.

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