The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Seychelles

If you close your eyes and picture paradise, we’re betting that it looks a lot like the Seychelles. A tropical idyll of sun-kissed, luminously-coloured islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, holidays to Seychelles offers dream getaway where life is pretty much a beach. Finding your own perfect stretch of sand and crystal-clear warm sea waters to swim in is probably pretty high up your to-do list. But these islands are also packed with loads more to do. The Seychelles offers visitors the chance to discover nature at its best between its rich marine life and majestic mountain forests.

Preserving the environment is a major concern here, and the wildlife is extraordinary. Get up close to giant tortoises, look out for black parrots and giggle at the coco de mer trees. Lush tropical rainforest blankets much of the interior of the islands and provides a fascinating alternative for when you want to explore. 

There’s also no shortage of activities to make your holiday extra exciting. World-class snorkelling and diving are a given, and it’s also easy to take boat trips or go fishing. You might even have a go at windsurfing, paragliding or water-skiing. Off the waters, the islands are criss-crossed with hiking trails and walkers are rewarded with fabulous viewing points. This once-in-a-lifetime trip is the perfect place to be adventurous and try things for the first time. Here's everything you need to know.


The best of the Seychelles


Where to go 


Things to do in the Seychelles


Planning your trip


The best of the Seychelles

8 incredible things you have to do in the Seychelles

From local art to rare marine life, there’s a lot to see in the Seychelles. Here are some of our favourite things to do.

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The 10 most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles

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Where to go 

Mahé: 10 things to see and do in Victoria

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Top recommended hotels in the Seychelles

Things to do in the Seychelles

Seychelles for foodies: Everything you need to know about eating out 

Creole cuisine will undoubtedly be a highlight of your holiday, offering a rich tapestry of flavors that embodies the diverse cultural heritage of the Seychelles.

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Planning your trip

When to go to the Seychelles

Want to know the best time of year to visit the Seychelles? Here’s everything you need to know

Transport in the Seychelles: Getting around on the ground

Getting around the Seychelles is pretty stress-free - here are the best ways to roam independently.

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