The 10 most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles

When you look for definitive lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will always find some of the stunning coastal sections of the Seychelles represented in the leaderboards. The shimmering turquoise of the Indian Ocean and the bizarre granite rock formations that are so characteristic of the region give the Seychelles’ white sandy beaches a very special flair.

1. Anse Marron (La Digue)

We begin our list of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles with an insider tip. The remote dream beach of Anse Marron is so hidden that it is best to join a guided tour to get there. The path leads through dense rainforest and it is necessary to embark on some small climbing sections to get here. But the sweaty 1-hour walk is well worth the effort. Crystal-clear water surrounds the rock formations that protrude from the water everywhere and limit the beach to the east and west. And the effort makes the beach that much sweeter – and more likely you’ll have it to yourself.

Our tip: Get there early to bag one of the coveted shady spots under palm trees.

2. Grand Anse (La Digue)

If you really don’t want to sweat your way through the jungle to get to the beach, Grand Anse is much easier to reach, but no less beautiful. Since there are few cars on the island, a bike tour is the best way to get to this 1km-long stretch of beach. This is also bordered on the sides by huge granite rock formations, and the rocks shimmering in all imaginable shades of grey in the water or glittering through the sunlight are some of the most popular images of the island.

Our tip: Here, too, it is important to get to the beach early – there’s only a few coveted places under shady palm trees.

3. Anse Source d'Argent (La Digue)

Anse Source d’Argent in the southwest of La Digue is probably the most popular of the top beaches in the Seychelles. It borders the site of a former vanilla plantation, and is also the only beach in the Seychelles for which a small entrance fee is charged. It's worth it, though: on the plantation premises you can admire some free-roaming giant tortoises and buy wonderfully-scented vanilla as a souvenir. There's also a restaurant to keep you sustained – sunbathing being hard work and all. The beach itself is especially recommended early in the morning and late in the afternoon when there are fewer visitors.

Our tip: The further you move east from the entrance area, the smaller and quieter the picturesque bays become.

4. Anse Severe (La Digue)

The beautiful small bay of Anse Severe is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country, especially for snorkellers. The offshore coral reef catches the big waves in front of the beach and ensures good bathing conditions in calm, pleasantly warm sea. Snorkelling along the reef, you will often spot sea ​​turtles and numerous reef fish in addition to the fascinatingly colourful coral world. A few small bars on the beach spoil guests with refreshing drinks. The freshly squeezed fruit juices are a real treat.

Our tip: Make sure you wear beach shoes when padding into the sea as it’s a bit rough underfoot.

5. Anse Réunion (La Digue)

Want to catch a gorgeous Seychelles sunset? The northern part of this beach – on the way to the ferry port – is a popular spot to admire them and indeed, is something of a ritual for many of the island’s population, who gather every evening on the small stretch of beach at the ferry pier. But if you head a little further south, you can enjoy the sunset with a delicious cocktail in hand at one of the numerous beach restaurants. With a view of the larger neighbouring island of Praslin across the sea, it is very special when the low-lying sun bathes the sky in all imaginable shades of red and orange before it finally disappears.

Our tip: Come in time to secure a perch; the sun sets in the Seychelles at around 6pm year-round.

6. Anse Lazio (Praslin)

The stunningly beautiful Anse Lazio bay regularly makes the lists of best beaches in the world. With a white sandy beach, photogenic rock formations and crystal clear water, it’s understandable that it’s also one of the most popular beaches on the island. In the eastern area there are two good restaurants surrounded by countless palm trees that offer delicious freshly caught fish to sample, along with refreshing drinks.

Our tip: The honesty bar at the western end of the beach is a charmingly rustic experience. You take your drink out of the fridge and make yourself comfortable, putting your payment into a piggy bank, because there is no service. Amazingly, this principle of trust has worked well here for years.

7. Anse Georgette (Praslin)

One of the most beautiful beaches in Praslin, this can only be reached via the extensive, park-like grounds of the Constance Lemuria Resort. To get to this beach, you have to register at the reception beforehand to be on the guest list – this service ensures that the dream beach is never overcrowded. With a little luck, one of the golf carts that run around the site will take you to the beach for free.

Our tip: Enjoy the ambience of Anse Georgette with a delicious sundowner in hand at the hotel’s excellent restaurant.

8. Anse Volbert (Praslin)

If you are travelling with children, this is one of the most popular areas to take little ones to in the Seychelles. The gently sloping sea offers perfect bathing conditions along the 2.5km-long sandy beach. The coastal road running parallel to the beach is ideal for long walks and in the numerous small guesthouses that have settled here, visitors are spoiled with refreshing drinks and tasty small snacks.

Our tip: Many local stalls offer freshly squeezed fruit juices at very reasonable prices.

9. Anse Intendance (Mahé)

Anse Intendance Bay is located at the very south of Mahé and this natural beach is particularly suited to long walks due to the fabulous tropical vegetation around it. The wild waves of the Indian Ocean, which here hit the granite rocks scattered in the sea, create a white, foaming spray and together with the deep, lush green of the palm trees that tower over the sea, there are countless outstanding photo opportunities.

Our tip: Be very careful when bathing! The strong waves often carry a current that should not be underestimated.

10. Anse Marie Louise (Mahé)

Anse Marie Louise in the southeast of Mahé is much better suited to swimming than Anse Intendance. The 400m-long stretch of beach is not particularly well known to travellers, so you often have an entire beach here all to yourself. At the weekend, however, it gets a little livelier, because local islanders also love the shallow water and perfect bathing conditions on this most beautiful of the beaches in Mahé.

Our tip: At the beach bus stop you can stock up on cool drinks for the day at two small supermarkets.

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