Things to do in Seychelles 

Must-see sights in the Seychelles

When you think of the Seychelles Islands, perhaps your mind drifts to the heat-beating sun, luscious white sands and aquamarine waves kissing the beach. And you’d be right; this ethereal spot is something like near-paradise. But there’s so much more that meets the eye; with sublime diving spots, incredible walking trails and numerous art galleries, the Seychelles could be your next favourite destination.

1. Adelaide Studio

Local-born artist Donald Adelaide has used the seaview and coastlines as inspiration for his paintings for over two decades. Based on Mahe Island, the Adelaide Studio provides visitors with the opportunity to buy his original watercolour and print paintings, which makes for a perfect souvenir to remember your trip by. 

Best for: Checking out local artwork.

While you're there: Head for a game of tennis at the nearby courts.

2. Aride Island Nature Reserve

Aride Island Nature Reserve is one of the world’s most significant of its kind, and makes up a lush island in the northern-most point of the Seychelles. Ten different species of seabirds call it home (all one million of them), as well as various endemic birds such as Magpie Robins, Fodies and Blue Pigeon. And that’s just on land; there are also turtle beaches and a thriving marine life waiting to be discovered. The Reserve makes for one of the most secluded things to do in Seychelles, as only reserve-approved vessels are allowed to moor on the Island. 

Best for: Secluded wildlife..

While you’re there: There’s lots of endangered plant species here, too.

3. Dauban Mauseoluem

Wondering what to do in the Seychelles that gets you away from Mahe Island? Head to Silhouette Island, to the northwest of Mahe. Amid the coconut trees and serene vegetation stands the 19th century-built Dauban Mausoleum, its neoclassical architectural style a striking sight against its location. The once-prominent Dauban Family are buried here, but today it is more frequented by the tortoises nosing around the quiet area.

Best for: Neoclassical architecture.

While you're there: Take a stroll along the nearby beach.

4. Granite Boulder

While not all of the granite boulders in the Seychelles are necessarily must-sees, there is one on La Digue island that truly is. Yes, really; this natural wonder even bears National Monument status. The monolith formed roughly 750 million years ago, and its formation is something even researchers struggle to understand. It’s believed that the boulder was pushed up and out from the earth, and its long exposure sculpted its shape; today, it forms part of the L’Union Estate on the west coast of the island.

Best for: Ancient mysteries.

While you're there: Go kayaking off Petite Anse Beach.

5. Lanse Takamaka

Anse Takamaka is one of Mahe island’s most serene beaches; its combination of mountain landscapes, crystal-clear waters and swathes of sand makes it an idyllic place to chill out and soak up the rays. That said, if you are looking to pump up the action, it’s equally a brilliant spot for swimming, snorkelling and paddleboarding. If you’re browsing Seychelle holiday packages, this is a beautiful area to base yourself.

Best for: Beach bums.

While you're there: Feeling active? Follow the Anse Capucin hiking trail on the east coast.

6. Anse Victorin

Perhaps it goes without saying that Seychelles offers some of the best beaches in the world; and with that, sprawling across the award-winning Anse Victorin beach is one of the best things to do in the Seychelles. With its white powder-like sands, lush vegetation and lumpy granite boulders, the view stretches out to the glittering sea ahead of you. Thanks to its location, it’s another fab spot for swimming and snorkelling. 

Best for: Exploring marine life.

While you're there: Consider staying at one of the resorts for private access.

7. Submarine tour

Not only does the Seychelles boast beautiful beaches, but its waters are just as mesmerizing. ‘Submarine’ tours are available across Mahe Island; explore underwater reefs from the above-water viewing platform, so you get to stay nice and dry. Life jackets are provided and it’s suitable for children, so it’s fun for all the family!

Best for: Exploring marine life without getting wet.

While you're there: Opt for a sailing or fishing tour.

8. Guided hike

Not sure where to start – or end – in the Seychelles? It can feel like there’s almost too much choice of places to explore; so a guided visit around certain areas of the islands can be a good shout. Expert guides will tell you all you want to know about the beaches, endemic plants and historical sites; even if you have a particular route in mind you'd like to take, there’s no doubt that you’ll learn something new about this fascinating archipelago of islands.

Best for: Exploring the inner depths of the islands. 

While you're there: Wear suitable footwear and clothing, and drink plenty of water!

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