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o2 Arena

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Things to do in London

London is a sprawling urban city but it still has some beautiful pockets of English countryside for you to enjoy in its parks and gardens. You should definitely visit Kew Gardens, which stretches over 130 hectares and is protected as a World Heritage Site. The gardens have a special tree-top walkway and tropical greenhouses which have fantastic collections of exotic rainforest plants. The gardens also have a special shop so you pick up your own plant to take home to your own garden.

Tower of London

Once you’ve bagged a luxury hotel why not explore some of London’s royal luxury by visiting the Tower of London. Despite its history of death and torture the Tower is a great place to visit. The Tower is home to the priceless Crown Jewels collection which includes many incredible crowns and the Sovereigns Sceptre which is topped with an enormous 530-carat diamond.

The Tower also has its own restaurant called The Armouries which serves freshly made snacks and meals inspired by historical English food.

London Markets

A great way enjoy a bit of shopping in London is to visit one of its historical markets. They offer a much more interesting experience than the usual high-street shops. One of the best markets to visit is Old Spitalfields Market built in 1876 and located in the heart of London's Spitalfields. The market feels like a historical part of London with its cobbled streets and Victorian architecture. However the items on sale are very much modern with an exciting collection of boutique fashion and freshly made food.

Opera and ballet

London is home to the world-famous Royal Opera House and if you are a fan of opera or ballet you really won’t want to miss your chance to visit. The first ballet was performed on the site in 1734 and today, the theatre is home to the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera. The house has regular performances for you to enjoy and is also open during the day so you can take a tour around the historic building.