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Known for its fashionable shops, bars, eateries and home to a cluster of the capital city’s creative industries and expensive properties, Shoreditch is a vibrant and entertaining place for a break.

Found in central London’s East End, Shoreditch is one of the trendiest places to visit in the capital. History buffs will be intrigued by the area’s chequered past, from being the bawdy setting of the country’s first playhouse, The Theatre and at the time packed with taverns and dicing houses. The Theatre was set up in 1576, and it was also the contemporary staging ground for many of Shakespeare’s plays. The Victorians decided to shake the area up a bit in the 19th century, introducing further theatres to rival those clustered in the West End. But today, Shoreditch has sidestepped the theatreland title for a different vibe. The streets are lined with shops, bars and restaurants, and it’s one of the most fashionable places in London to spend some time.

Making the most of your time

There are plenty of ways to spend an entertaining day in Shoreditch. If you’re feeling a bit arty, head down to the Rich Mix Centre, a buzzing art centre in a modern building with a theatre and exhibition space. Or pop to Raven Row, a trendy contemporary art centre close to Spitalfields Market.

For a trip back in time, visit Dennis Severs’ House for a tour unlike any other. Here you can stroll through this 18th-century silk weaver’s home, and you’re encouraged to experience each room in complete silence, often just by candlelight.   Shopping fans can spend hours browsing through the designer boutiques and indie shops dotted through the area. And for a fun night out, go to the Comedy Café or a lively bar like Plastic People.

Restaurants in Shoreditch

Foodies will be spoilt for choice in Shoreditch. Typical of a busy central London area, there’s something to suit every mood. A few top picks include The Jones Family Project serving contemporary British food, Dirty Coffee if you’re after a cosy café to take five in, and The Hoxton Grill to splurge on some American-style cuisine. For hotels in Shoreditch, do a bit of homework so you can pick out somewhere perfect for you. You can opt for a more luxurious place like The Hoxton or Ace Hotel Shoreditch if you feel like splashing out. Or to make your money stretch further on other things during your stay, look at hotels like The Z Hotel Shoreditch or Shoreditch Inn.