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Nestled on the picturesque coast of East Lothian, is the quaint village of Longniddry, Scotland. A place known not only for its natural charm but also for its luxurious accommodations. Many find solace in its refreshing landscape, marked by sandy beaches and lush greens. However, one doesn't have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the town's allure, thanks to the array of highly-rated hotels catering to varying preferences. From tranquil seaside inns to decadent countryside lodgings, each accommodation offers unique charm and warm Scottish hospitality. Experience top-notch amenities, mouth watering local cuisine and views that are nothing less than breathtaking. Venture beyond the comfortable confines of your chosen hotel and immerse yourself in activities including golfing at the renowned Longniddry Golf Club or exploring the serene Longniddry Bents. No matter your interest, Longniddry offers an eclectic mix of leisure and adventure, all within reach of your chosen luxurious abode.

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Longniddry, United Kingdom


Longniddry, United Kingdom

2 Setonhill Cottages

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