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Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, Cran Gevrier offers a stunning blend of natural beauty and cultured sophistication. As you embark upon your journey through this idyllic town, you'll find yourself serenaded by mountain vistas, rejuvenated with the fresh Alpine air, and charmed by its quaint appeal. Here, we have curated a selection of the finest accommodations Cran Gevrier has to offer, each one resonating with exceptional service, unspoiled luxury, and heart-warming hospitality.

  1. Discover the thrill of serenity and comfort at Hotel Pepper Manor, where mountain peaks meet azure skies right at your balcony.

  2. If indulging in authentic French cuisine whisks you away, Hotel Le Savoy's fine dining wine and dine experience is a gourmet’s delight.

  3. For art aficionados, Gallivant Art House & Suites channels the town's artistic spirit with an in-house gallery and tastefully decorated guest rooms.

  4. If history fascinates you, Chateau Serene, a boutique hotel residing in a meticulously restored medieval castle, offers an enticing dip into bygone eras.

  5. For wellness seekers, the Spa Retreat Alpine offers holistic treatments using naturally sourced mountain herbs, making it a haven for rejuvenation.

  6. Adventure-seekers head to the Alpine Trail Lodge, located conveniently near the ski slopes and hiking trails, ensuring a rush of adrenaline is never far away.

  7. Romantic souls find their sanctuary at The Rivier View Suites, offering breath-taking panoramas of the silvery river winding through verdant landscapes.

  8. Lastly, for eco-conscious travelers, The Green Nest, a sustainably-built, luxury eco hotel, blends conscious living with unrivaled comfort, providing the perfect green getaway.

Fasten a rendezvous with nature, culture, and luxury by opting to stay in one of these unique lodgings in Cran Gevrier - your gateway to experiencing the beauty and allure of the French Alps.

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Annecy, France

Premiere Classe Annecy Sud - Cran Gevrier

Annecy, France

ibis Annecy Cran Gevrier

Annecy, France

Kyriad Annecy Sud - Cran Gevrier

Annecy, France

Le Vert Bois - calme, verdure, terrains de tennis

Annecy, France


Annecy, France

La Terrazza sul Thiou

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Premiere Classe Annecy Sud - Cran Gevrier in Cran Gevrier offers one night in a double room at the price of £54.

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What are the best hotels to stay in Cran Gevrier?