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February holidays and city breaks

February might feel dreary with its cold, wet, and dark days in the northern hemisphere, but it's also a month ripe with travel possibilities, making it an ideal time for February holidays. Around the world, you'll find sunny and warm destinations boasting beaches, mountains, and vibrant festivals, offering a perfect escape from the winter gloom.

Embrace the winter charm with cheap ski holidays in snow-covered medieval cities, or swap the cold for azure oceans and warm sands. February is a month of diverse travel opportunities, so leave those dreary days behind and start planning your February getaway with lastminute.com.

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Top destinations for a holiday in February

Destinations in Europe


Paris may not seem like an obvious choice for where to go in February, but don't be put off by the weather. There are many reasons why February is the best time to visit, particularly for a weekend in Paris. Chief amongst romantic cities, Paris is the perfect Valentine's destination and with its cosy bistros and multitude of museums and galleries, there is plenty for couples to do indoors, ensuring a delightful and romantic weekend getaway.

You will also find Paris livelier during the colder months - many businesses tend to shut up shop when the weather gets really hot.

Don't miss: Le Mur Des Je t’aime – this 'wall of love' is a must for couples travelling for Valentine's Day. 

Weather in February: Average high: 10°C / low: 1°C.


Visiting Rome at the height of Summer can be a draining experience. February is a much better time to visit, not only because the crowds will be less, but because you can also experience the festival of Carnevale (similar to Mardi Gras).

This colourful festival, which precedes the period of Lent, involves a parade through the city with colourful masks, costumes and confetti. You can enjoy an open air ice rink which is usually put up as part of the festival as well.

Don't miss: Piazza Navona, the ultimate spot for dining, drinking and people watching.

Weather in February: Average high: 13°C / low: 3°C.


As a romantic February holidays, Venice cannot be beaten. The mists of Winter lend an extra mystery to an already romantic city. As well as the excitement of carnival, you'll also find that Venice's normally crowded tourist attractions are a lot less busy and you can appreciate the majestic architecture much better.

Don't miss: Hop on a vaporetto and head to the colourful island of Burano.

Weather in February: Average high: 10°C / low: 1°C.


Visiting Tallinn, Estonia during February holidays is a chance to experience a beautiful capital city topped with snowfall and without the crowds of Summer. The Old Town takes on a magical wintry atmosphere and there is plenty of scope for sledging and snowballing.

You're much more likely to get an idea of real Estonian culture during the Winter - you can enjoy authentic Estonian food and savour the local custom of drinking hot wine to keep out the chill.

Don't miss: Telliskivi Creative City, an artsy space with bars, cafes, eateries and breweries.

Weather in February: Average high: -1°C / low: -7°C.


With an average day time temperature of 21 degrees, Lanzarote is a great place to visit in February. The weather is perfect for relaxing by the pool and exploring the many places to eat and drink on the island. Lanzarote's carnival, which takes place this month, adds some extra excitement to your trip.

Don't miss: Timanfaya National Park, an incredible volcanic landscape that looks a little bit like the surface of the moon!

Weather in February: Average high: 21°C / low: 15°C.

Long haul destinations


Mexico in February has a comfortable average temperature in the mid-20s. It's also one of the driest months in the Cancun area, so rain won't stop you from enjoying the fabulous beaches and nightlife.

The weather isn't the only advantage either, there are several festivals that take place this month including Constitution Day and Candlemas, or Día de la Candelaria.

Don't miss: The ancient Mayan ruins such as Chichén Itzá in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Weather in February: Average high: 28°C / low: 19°C.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, made up of 10 small islands in the mid-Atlantic, has year-round warm sunny days. Its volcanic landscape is beautiful and because each island has its own distinct personality, you can island-hop and experience them all. February is an excellent time to enjoy sailing round Cape Verde.

Don't miss: Buracona, a cave and natural pool which reveals a 'blue eye' when the light hits it at a certain angle.

Weather in February: Average high: 29°C / low: 19°C.

Rio de Janeiro

With the greatest carnival in the world taking place in Rio in February, it's the very best time to visit and get into the samba spirit. This 5 day long extravaganza includes street parades, street parties and other events. This is also the best time of year to enjoy the warm and sunny climate on Rio's amazing beaches.

Don't miss: The iconic Ipanema Beach, a white sand beach with incredible views of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Weather in February: Average high: 30°C / low: 23°C.


If you're choosing where to go in February, you can't do much better than Australia to swap a cold and dreary winter for summer in the southern hemisphere. February is the time to enjoy sandy beaches, swimming and surfing along Australia's beautiful coastline.

You're also spoiled for choice with events in Sydney. For festival fun there's the annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year is celebrated with dragon boat races and lantern parades.

Don't miss: The Taronga Summer Concert Series presents music acts at the city's zoo, overlooking the harbour at twilight.

Weather in February: Average high: 27°C / low: 18°C.

South Africa

The hot days and warm nights of South Africa in February make this the ideal time to plan a beach holiday. It's also a really great time to go on safari as the bush vegetation is vibrantly green and the skies are beautifully clear for your precious photographs.

If seeing turtles is on your wish list, then February is the best time to visit as it coincides with turtle nesting season.

Don't miss: Cape of Good Hope, a scenic spot by the ocean with breathtaking views.

Weather in February: Average high: 27°C / low: 16°C.

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