Side Holidays


Side Holidays

Pronounced as “See-Day”, Side is a place of many facets, meaning many things, to many people. Located around 50 miles from the main airport at Antalya, it's nestled between two beaches on the shore of the blood warm Mediterranean sea.

Thanks to Turkey's position as sitting right between Europe and the Middle East, Side and its nearby resorts feature some beautifully varied cultures, taking influences from all its neighbours.

What to do on your Side Holiday

As an ancient harbour town, Side has some true cultural heritage with its mix of old and new architecture. If you're the kind of holiday maker that likes to view the real roots of your vacation destination, then checking out the 5th century baths should certainly be on your itinerary. There are also several temples, museums and even a 17,000 seat theatre that will certainly leave you with a lasting impression.

Fancy a bit of modern entertainment? Then how about visiting the local Aqua Park “Water Planet”. With a capacity of upwards of 2500 people, you'll find plenty of space to enjoy the multitude of slides and wave machine equipped swimming pools. Impressively though, this place features some attractions that most water parks don't. How about some bungee jumping? Feel like a rafting experience? All this is available within the confines of Water Planet.

Amazingly, considering the warm climate found just off the coast, if you head in-land a little, you'll find yourself faced with the Beyda mountain range. At almost 2km tall, the highest peaks offer some excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities. With two ski lifts, and accommodation available at the peaks, you'll be able to take a short stay there during your Side holiday or simply make it a day trip; it's all down to you.

One thing that everyone needs to do on their holiday is to pick up some souvenirs for friends and family. Fortunately the shots in Old Town allow you to get hold of some real Side merchandise. Every Monday there's a market in Manavgat that will give those of you that enjoy a good haggle a chance to exercise your talents. Find information on other destinations in Turkey.


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