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Canada holidays


Canada holidays

The second largest country in the world, Canada is a vast land of majestic landscapes waiting for you to come and explore. Head out to the wilderness and discover Canada’s abundance of wildlife. From the alpine peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the spring lakes of Alberta, Holidays to Canada offer something new for any kind of traveler, but one thing is for sure: it will be an adventure that you’ll always remember.

Top 10 destinations in Canada

Things to see and do in Canada

Visit Canada’s beautiful cities, which are ideal for romantic breaks. They can be part of your whole Canadian experience that soak up the countryside and the culture. In French-speaking Quebec you can admire the architecture and views of the St Lawrence River, and in stylish Toronto you can climb the CN tower. Absorb the culture in picturesque Montreal, or head to the capital of Ottawa to wander around the green parks, museums and historical buildings along the rivers.

Nature & Parks

The Canadian landscape features pine forests, snow capped mountains, magnificent rivers and peaceful lakes. Explore the peaks and canyons of the famous Rocky Mountains by taking the snow train that runs between Vancouver and Jasper. Be sure to visit the world famous Niagra Falls in Ontario, and, for adventure seekers, head to the ice planes of northwest Canada to skate on frozen lakes and see the Northern Lights.

The national parks are the perfect opportunity to see some of Canada’s incredible wildlife. Elks and moose traverse the grassy planes, while grizzly bears prowl in the forests. Beavers build their homes in the fish filled rivers and water birds like the loon and Canada geese fly in the skies. Go whale watching in the eastern waters of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and spot killer whales off Vancouver Island.

Sports Activities

There are plenty of sports to enjoy on holidays to Canada, from skiing in the mountains to white water rafting on the rivers. In the many national parks like Banff in the heart of the Rockies, you can hike, climb, canoe and fish, and experience nature in its purest form.

A mosaic of different cultures with a rich history, Canadian food varies across the land. Sample French-Canadian cuisine in Quebec, eat caribou steak by the fire, or seafood from the Atlantic. In the cities you’ll find a host of restaurants to suit every budget offering something for everyone, and of course, be sure to try Canada’s famous maple syrup when you’re there.


For nightlife, the cities are, of course, the place to be, with the lively metropolises of Toronto, Ottowa et al host to plenty of late night clubs, stylish bars, live music venues and festivals.

Cheap Holidays to Canada

Canada has so much to offer, you really have to see it for yourself. Take a look at the affordable holidays on offer on and plan your Canadian adventure now.