Antigua & Barbuda Holidays


Antigua and Barbuda holidays

Antigua and Barbuda, the twin-island nation situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, is the archetypal paradise complete with a glittering coastline and crystal blue waters.

Antigua, the larger of the two, is the main tourist destination with a pleasant mix of history, resorts and attractions. Barbuda, 30 miles north, has little tourist infrastructure and remains undeveloped unlike its sister island. Choose a holiday to Antigua and Barbuda for guaranteed relaxation and magnificent scenery.

Big versus little on holidays to Antigua and Barbuda

For families, Antigua is better suited. There’s no shortage of resorts and plenty of activities to match. Visit St John’s, the vibrant capital with its colonial buildings, shopping mall and weekend farmer’s markets. For a bit of history, head to Nelson’s Dockyard, or Falmouth, the first British settlement which boasts wonderful views. Food in Antigua is a blend of national and international with authentic Caribbean and seafood on offer. Don’t forget to try the popular local rum on a holiday to Antigua.

The beaches on a holiday to Antigua are not to be missed – there are 365 of them. Head to popular Fort James for watersports and seafood restaurants, or the nearby Galley Bay which attracts surfers and joggers. If you want something more peaceful then go south – Rendez Vous Bay and Doigs Beach are more secluded. Half Moon Bay makes a great day trip for the family with its rock pools and ruins – a great snorkelling opportunity.

Barbuda is more suited to couples looking for a romantic break. The small island has limited accommodation – there are a few hotels and guesthouses – and remains unspoilt by tourist infrastructure. Perhaps Barbuda’s biggest attraction is its endless white and pink sand beaches that are so secluded you rarely see another soul – the colouring of the pink sand comes from crushed coral. There are a handful of restaurants on the shore serving fresh fish and barbecues, as well as several shops and a few bars if you want a break from hotel amenities. There are also food fairs and fish ‘fries’ where you can try freshly cooked delicacies such as turtle and conch.

There are ample activities on a holiday to Antigua and Barbuda. Watersports are popular on both islands with snorkelling, scuba-diving, kayaking, windsurfing and kite-surfing available. Barbuda offers beachcombing, fishing and golf and tennis within the resorts. It is also home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary situated on the beautiful Codrington Lagoon – it has 170 species and over 5000 of the exotic fregata magnificen.

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With its tropical climate, dazzling beaches, untouched coral reef and activities aplenty, a holiday to Antigua and Barbuda offers the ultimate experience in fun and relaxation. If you can’t decide between the islands then why not visit both? Traveling between them is easy with frequent boat trips and plane journeys. Life really is a beach on a holiday to Antigua and Barbuda. Book all your holidays to the Caribbean with