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All inclusive holidays to Egypt

All inclusive holidays to Egypt make it easy to plan fun activities and adventure for the whole family . If you're a history buff, you can explore the Pyramids, marvel at the majesty of The Sphinx and see the Nile river. Families can laze on the beaches and soak up the sun or enjoy the watersports on offer. All inclusive holidays in Egypt offer many options for a spa or wellness vacation and the excellent food and wine seved by local restaurants and markets will keep you coming back for more. Booking flights, meals and accomodation as a single purchase means you get the most out of cheap all inclusive holidays in Egypt. 

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Top destinations for an all inclusive holiday in Egypt 

  • Hurghada Hurghada is a relaxing area, where desert plains and beaches contrast to delight the senses. It is a sunworshipper's dream and a good place for families to enjoy the beach. It's also a great location for couples to honeymoon and play. Hurghada is located along the coastline and has been a popular seaside holiday destination since the 1980s. El Dahar (The Old Town) is the historic area, but if you want a modern Egypt holiday, you can venture downtown to El Memsa.  
  • Marsa Alam on the Red Sea Marsa Alam was once a little fishing village but is now a picturesque holiday town. Forming part of the coveted Riviera, the town is quieter than the tourist-oriented towns in Egypt. Hot days during the summer are offset by the sea's serene coolness and long days in the sun can be enjoyed by visitors. Winter temperatures remain in the 20s which makes Marsa Alam a great place to enjoy a holiday, all year round. 
  • El Gouna El Gouna's main beach is a long one -stretching 10km. This is a watersport enthusiast's mecca and visitors can enjoy jet skiing, try a spot of windsurfing or take a tour on a banana boat. If you tire of the water you can go on a jeep safari or ride a camel! As night falls, visitors and locals come together to enjoy seafood and cocktails at local restaurants, or dance the night away at local discos. 

Things to do in Egypt on an all inclusive holiday

  • Getting around
    There is an excellent bus service in Egypt, enabling fast, regular travel between cities. Visitors can also opt for train travel. However, since distances between cities can be vast, travelling by air is by far the best and fastest option. Egyptair is the airline of choice for internal flights. 
  • Stadiums
    There are a number of sports and event stadiums in Egypt including the Borg El Arab stadium, which seats 86 000, the Cairo International stadium and the Egyptian Army stadium. Stadiums are well equipped to host international events like the African Cup of Nations. 
  • Theatres
    The Cairo Opera House is the region's most popular venue for shows and musicals and is part of Cairo's National Cultural Centre. Visitors can visit the sound and light show at the Giza Pyramids, and enjoy a delcious dinner. The Pharoah's Nile Dinner Cruise is a floating dinner theatre for visitors to enjoy in the evening. 
  • Nightlife
    Lounges, restaurants and nightclubs entertain visitors into the wee hours. Cocktails, steak dinners. pub bands and theatre are all on display, as the sun goes down. Visitors can enjoy a range of food and drinks from pub fare to a five star experience all against the backdrop of this historic city and its landmarks. 
  • Celebrations and traditions
    Public holidays in Egypt mark the celebrations of religious and other holidays in the region. Each year Eid al-Fitr is celebrated in Egypt to mark the end of the Islamic month of Ramadaan (fasting). People take to the streets to celebrate, wearing costumes and eating traditional foods. Coptic Christmas Day is held on 7 January in the city. The Eid al Adha holiday is a three day holiday held in August. 
  • Shopping
    Family holidays always include shopping trips and Egypt is no exception. The Aswan Souk, Khan al Khalili, the Old market and Souk-Al-Gamaal are just some of the many interesting markets and shopping centres in Egypt. 
  • Top Neighbourhoods
    The best areas to stay in Egypt include the Maadi area in Cairo, New Cairo, Zamalek and cities located near the Giza pyramids and the Downtown area -for its nightlife and action.

Typical food and gastronomy in Egypt 

Traditional foods are flavourful and can be sampled at restaurants and outdoor markets. Ful medames is a traditional dish of cooked fava beans with cumin, garlic, parsley, chili, and vegetables. In Cairo and Gizah this is a staple food. Kushari is rice, macaroni and lentils layered with garlic vinegar and spicy tomato sauce, which dates back to the 19th century. Tasty shawarma is chicken, veal, beef or turkey cooked rotisseri- style, before being rolled into a pita. 

Weather and Climate in Egypt

The climate in Egypt varies from very hot to very cold. It's even possible to see snow on Mt Sinai. In general, the climate in the north of Egypt is moderate and Meditteranean and it can get very hot during summer. The hot season runs from May to October while the cold season is from November to April. The weather is controlled by the northern winds. The temperature can reach 40 degrees in the central and southern desert areas of Aswan, Luxor, Asyut and Sohag during summer. In general, however the sunny season is long and pleasant.

Visa and migration info

The Egyptian embassy provides potential travellers with the current legal guidelines for travel to Egypt. No matter where visitors travel from, a valid passport and a visa are required to enter Egypt. American and British travellers with passports can buy a tourist/entry visa at the Cairo airport for $25 USD when they arrive. Visitors from other countries may need to obtain their visa before arrival in Egypt. An online or "e-visa" is valid for 90 days and allows a 30 day stay in Egypt.

Accomodation in Egypt 

Accommodation in Egypt is plentiful and very comfortable. Accommodations range from luxury hotels, resort accommodation and wellness spas, to comfortable guest houses and beach apartments. There are hotels for families on a budget and you can choose an all-inclusive holiday and combine your flight and hotel stay as one purchase. If you're travelling with family, a chalet on the beachfront is an excellent option and for a honeymoon getaway one of the quieter spa beach resorts is ideal. Students looking for a cheap hotel wont be disappointed, as there is plentiful low cost accommodation in the cities. You can read more Information on the advantages of buying flights and accommodation packages at