Cheap flights to Mexico

Ancient Ruins, stunning coastlines and vibrant culture

Mexico merges northern and southern continents together from the USA to Guatemala, offering modern luxury holidays encompassed by tradition and ancient history. The hypnotic heat is ideal for avid adventurers and bronzing sun bathers.

There are a range of cheap flights to Mexico, including popular destinations Mexico City International Airport, Cancun International Airport and Bahais de Huatulco International Airport.

Culture and activities

You will be spoilt for choice along Mexico's 10,000km of coastline with endless breathtaking beaches to bask in. The pacific coast is lined with beaches such as Playa Palmilla-Los Cabos, famed for fashionable snorkelling gear, water sports, soft waves and whale watching during the winter months. The Riviera Maya along the Caribbean coastline is a picturesque paradise of warm crystal water complimented by enchanting white sand. Trendy beaches of Tulum introduce you to the mystery of Mayan ruins amongst a harmonious Bohemian and luxury lifestyle.

Discover unique underground cenotes dressed in exotic vines where you can swim in natural vitamin and mineral-enriched water, revitalising your sun-kissed skin under the open air.

Bring your binoculars to Puerto Vallarta, home to more than 300 species of birds, whose habitat in the tropical rainforest is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. Visit Yucanta peninsula to get a glimpse of Mexico's largest flock of flamboyant flamingos.

While you're here, take a trip into the past and experience ancient Mayan Mexico. Visit Chichen Itza, one of the largest standing Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, including The Great Ballcourt and the most famous relic, The Temple-Pyramid of El Castillo.

Restaurants and bars

For those wanting to dine surrounded by tropical foliage and small streams check out La Cueva del Chango-Playa del Carmen, notorious for delicious Los chilaquiles.

For a tastebud-tingling experience, sample Pujol in Mexico City, run by acclaimed chef Enrique Olvera serving the best nouvelle cuisine in Mexico.

Mexican nightlife is erupting with entertainment and diversity, offering a vast range of bars and clubs playing a mix of western R&B, house, rock and traditional Latin and Caribbean music. Favoured clubs include Dady'O, Mama Rumba and The Bulldog Café. There are bountiful bars providing drinks to fuel those dancing the night away such as La Casa de Las Siernas which serves over 150 different tequilas.