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Located in eastern Africa, Kenya borders the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, with the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Nairobi as its capital. It's impossible to visit Kenya without being aware of its colonial past, with British influence evident in its language, its architecture and its culture. Booking your flight to Kenya will afford you the opportunity to relax on the beach, try your hand at water sports, go diving, enjoy some excellent golf courses and, of course, go on safari. You can even, should sport be your passion, improve your marathon skills in the Great Rift Valley, training with some of the greatest runners in the world.

Kenya: a country of colourful spectacle

Many people book their cheap flights to Kenya in order to go on safari. No trip to Kenya can be complete without visiting the world famous Masai Mara, a 3 day safari typically costing around £500 for part board and lodging. Alternatively, you can visit Nairobi National Park to see plenty of big game in their natural habitat; a guided tour charge is about £150 for an adult. For the adventurous, a 5-day climb up Mount Kenya will cost about £700. You can revisit 'Out of Africa' at the Karen Blixen museum which is housed in her property - tickets start at around £70. It is open daily from 7.30am until 5.30pm.

Dining and drinking

Kenyan food reflects the fact that it is a multi-racial country with many external influences. The staple foods are corn, rice and potatoes. Look out for pilau, a dish made of meat and rice flavoured with spices. Matoke is comprised of plantain bananas cooked in oil along with onions, garlic and tomatoes. The popularity of chapatis reflects the Indian influence in Kenya, while ugali, a maize porridge, is usually served with stew. Beef and chicken are available, but if you want to sample local cuisine, goat is the most widely eaten meat. Chai, or tea, is the national drink, but soft drinks and fruit juices are cheaply available. Kenyan lager (Tusker, White Cap and Pilsner) come highly recommended.

A pleasant tropical climate

Although Kenya is equatorial, the climate is still pleasantly tropical, thanks to the monsoon winds that temper the heat. Climatic conditions vary - expect it to be cooler at higher altitude and humid on the coast. There is no real difference between summer and winter temperatures (which average 20 - 28°C), instead Kenya has wet and dry seasons. During the dry season (June to October) skies are clear and low humidity makes it a good time to book your cheap flight to Kenya for a beach holiday. Pack warm clothes if you're planning to safari. Humidity is high on the coast during the wet season, between November and May. Daily heavy downpours are not unusual, although they don't last all day.

From boda-bodas to buses: how to get around Kenya

Booking your flight to Kenya is just the start of the fun. Motorcycle taxis, or boda-bodas, are cheap and plentiful - expect to pay around Ksh80 (50p) for a short ride. An ordinary taxi will cost around Ksh200 (£1.40) per kilometer. Only Nairobi, which is always congested with traffic, has an effective bus service although you can get private City Hopper buses to Kenyatta Airport. If you're planning to travel between Nairobi and Mombassa by overnight train, remember that you need to book in advance to get a berth. £30 will secure a shared first class berth with dinner and breakfast included and you get the chance to do some big game spotting en route. The most common form of transport for locals is a matatu (usually a white Nissan van) costing around Ksh40 (25p) for a short journey.

The facts and figures of life in Kenya

Kenya, a multilingual country, has a population in excess of 44 million. With official languages of Swahili and English, the principal religion is Christian, with about 82% of Kenyans divided between Anglican and Catholic faiths. 11% are Muslim, with Islam as the second largest religion in the country. You will need Kenyan shillings for most of your day-to-day costs and you can usually get a better exchange rate inside Kenya, although it's best not to use hotels as their rate of exchange will be lower. The drinking age is 18 and tipping is customary if it is not already included as a service charge. The cost of living is lower than in Europe, so with flights to Kenya readily available, a Kenyan holiday is very affordable.

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