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Denmark, an enchanting Nordic powerhouse of beer, fjords and 'hygge'

Frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world, it's easy to see why. After visiting this wild and sophisticated, cosmopolitan yet tough Scandinavian land, you'll no doubt gain a bounce to your step. Born from ferocious warrior stock - whose enterprising ancestors of chieftains and poets, scientists and scholars - conquered, settled and transformed parts of Europe- the Danish live in an influential and beautiful part of the world.

Easy on the eye and stacked with wonders both natural and urban, Denmark promises to be an enriching experience for all those in search of happiness and a bit of 'hygge' - a Danish term meaning that warm fuzzy feeling of belonging.


Flights to Denmark from London take you into Copenhagen Airport, which is a short distance from the Danish capital. A cool and edgy city, Copenhagen's cobbled streets, picturesque old-merchant houses and world-class museums make it one of Europe's most stylish capitals. Effortlessly chic, Copenhagen's Christiana is a trendy commune founded on a progressive ethos of protest, rebellion and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana is one of Europe's most celebrated museums of modern art. Inside you'll discover up close the masterpieces of Picasso, Francis Bacon and Giacometti.

History and architecture

Denmark has a long and illustrious history, with Copenhagen being a treasure trove of historic interest. The 17th-century Rosenberg Slot is a fairytale scene of soaring turrets, manicured gardens and a graceful architectural style.

In stark contrast to the refined elegance of Copenhagen, the scenic town of Roskilde features the excellent Viking Ship Museum. Astonishing in their scale and state of presentation, the Viking longboats on display are an incredible insight into the artistic vitality and workmanship of the warrior clans.

Make a day of it and you can even row a longboat on the fjords outside the museum.

Food and drink

Denmark has been heavily influenced by Nordic and continental culinary traditions. When it comes to hardy Scandinavian dishes, Kanalen - with its attractive location overlooking Copenhagen's canalside - is hard to beat. Elsewhere, you can enjoy smørrebrød (open sandwiches filled with delicacies) in the venerable surroundings of Schønnemann.

Nightlife and bars

Centred on Copenhagen, Denmark's vibrant night scene is a heady mix of sophisticated bars and full-throttle nightclubs. Mikkeller Bar is a stylish venue serving locally-brewed beers in a fun, minimalist setting. After an evening cocktail at Ruby, you can dance the night away at the popular Culture Box.

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