Which is the best Balearic Island for you?

The Balearic Islands consist of four main islands: Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Most people flock to Majorca (the largest) and Ibiza where tourist facilities are second-to-none and there’s always something exciting to do, but don’t underestimate the charms and authentic vibes of pocket-sized Menorca and Formentera. Any of these can make for a superb holiday destination, so which one is best for you?


Big sister Majorca has got it all: this island could claim to be the perfect holiday spot, blessed with attributes that entice millions of foreign visitors annually. The deep blue and translucent turquoise of the Mediterranean, hundreds of kilometres of coastline, secluded rocky coves and wide sandy beaches, a vibrant and sophisticated capital city and some 300 days of brilliant sunshine each year make it irresistible.

Best for:
Active adventurers – whether you’re a mountain biker, hiker or
kite surfer.


Menorca oozes charm with its rugged, wind-swept north coast, and beautiful bays in the south; plus there’s a lot to visit in its two historic cities: Mahón and Ciutadella. Its biodiversity is also something to write home about – UNESCO awarded it Biosphere Reserve status, and Menorcans are extremely proud about this.

Best for:
Peace and quiet.


And then there’s Ibiza... beautiful Ibiza. Everyone has heard of it, but many think it’s just a party island. While there is certainly a great party scene, there is a more laid-back bohemian atmosphere in the north of the island. Large swathes of the coastline survive in pristine condition, with sweeping sandy bays and exquisite coves tucked beneath soaring cliffs. Ibiza’s hilly, thickly wooded interior is peppered with isolated whitewashed villages and terraced fields of almonds, figs and olives.

Best for: 
Sunseekers, yogis and party-goers.


Just over 20km from Ibiza lies the blissfully unspoilt island of Formentera – home to unbelievable azure waters, a burgeoning beach club scene, and incredible white-sand beaches which are rated among some of the very best in the Mediterranean. In a way, Formentera is the opposite of Ibiza. It might not be quite the shy-and-retiring place it once was, but there’s very little to see and do on the island... and in a way, that’s the whole point. Less-is-more Formentera continues to enjoy life at a slower pace and that’s just the way we like it.

Best for: 
Nature lovers and divers.


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