A guide to the best boys' weekend break destinations In 2024

It's hard to beat a good old-fashioned "bro-mance". From the enduring friendship of Geordie duo, Ant and Dec, to the mega-watt Hollywood power couplings of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and George Clooney and Brad Pitt, man's best friend, is clearly another man.While most women dream of their other half whisking them away for a romantic break, it seems that men would just as soon take a trip with their mates.While stag dos are the usual (and best) excuse for going on a boys weekend, they do tend to be an extended pub crawl around a city with ruination a necessary by-product.

Essentially, if you are not a complete and utter mess, you haven't done it properly.But at the risk of sounding stereotypical (I have heard rumours of "quiet" stag dos), if girls can do a luxurious and stylish weekend away, so can the boys. Here are our best city breaks to enjoy the ultimate in no-girls-allowed holidays, and a few swish and flash places to rest your weary head.

Fancy a pint in Prague?

Ok, we mentioned stylish and swish, but when embarking on a getaway, immersing yourself in authentic culture is a must. In the Czech Republic, one of their major exports is beer. So, instead of another visit to your local pub, why not enjoy a Budvar in Prague? Our Prague city breaks offer the perfect opportunity to savor this experience in the beautiful city of Prague.

Pilsner was even invented here and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the history of brewing, as well as sampling some of the best ales this stunning city has to offer in local pubs and breweries.Perhaps the fact the locals call it "liquid bread" is the reason you can even buy a beer for breakfast, (although remember this is a classy holiday).

Staying there:

Prague, with its rich history and vibrant nightlife, is the perfect destination for a trip with the lads. Prague hotels offer great value, providing comfortable and convenient bases without breaking the bank. From budget-friendly hostels in the heart of the action to affordable hotels offering easy access to the best pubs, clubs, and historical sights, there's something for every group.

Many hotels cater to groups, with larger rooms or adjoining options, ensuring you and your mates stay close. Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, friendly service, and the best of Prague right at your doorstep – ideal for a memorable boys' trip.

Getting there:

We've got plenty of Prague flights to get you to the Czech Republic capital in around two hours from London.

Berlin will take your breath away

Berlin party - Central Station

Apologies for the 1980s rock pun, but Berlin, with its cutting-edge club scene, bars to die for, and restaurants offering an array of sausages, truly makes for an unbeatable cool boys' weekend. When planning such a trip, our Berlin city breaks provide the perfect package to experience all that this vibrant city has to offer.

It's a city like nowhere else, and despite it's size, surprisingly quiet - Berlin is the opposite of pretentious!Along with all the usual sights, the Berlin Wall "death strip" where guards used to patrol, is definitely worth a look, along with the Holocaust memorial, Brandenburg Gate and the Alexanderplatz (or Alex as the locals dub it); a large public square in the central Mitte district of Berlin.

A short walk from the Berlin Nordenbahnhof is the Berlin Wall Memorial where there is a viewing deck at the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (museum). Up the road from the viewing deck is the Mauerpark Berlin where there is normally a massive Sunday session going on if the weather is decent.

There is a mini-Glastonbury vibe about it with some live acts, people having barbecues and drinking. In terms of  restaurants, Fleischerei, is pretty decent. It used to be an old abbotoir and butchers and does incredible steak. Not cheap - but worth it for the food. Where clubbing is concerned the rule of thumb is that I wouldn't bother trying to go out until at least 2am and look to go well into the next day. The best clubs are not your average UK superclub; they’re derelict mansions and disused swimming pools that have now been turned into unreal clubbing venues. It’s dirty but incredible, leave your shirt and shoes firmly at home or you won’t get in. KaterHolzig is in a dilapidated mansion by the river and has an incredible outdoor area where you can party well into the following afternoon - this is THE place to be in Berlin. Tresor is also recommended and housed in a disused power station. And of course the famous Berghain; difficult to get into but worth a visit if you can.

Berlin wall graffiti

Staying there:

Berlin, a city renowned for its dynamic culture and legendary nightlife, is an ideal spot for a trip with the boys. Berlin hotels are perfectly suited for such adventures, offering both affordability and convenience. Whether you're looking to stay in the trendy districts like Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain, close to the pulsating nightlife and eclectic bars, or prefer a quieter spot with easy access to the city's hotspots, Berlin's range of accommodations has got you covered.

Many of these hotels are geared towards groups, providing spacious rooms or group-friendly configurations, ensuring you and your mates can stick together. Expect a relaxed vibe, with many offering in-house bars or lounges to start your night off right. With Berlin's efficient public transport, you'll have the city's famous attractions, from the Brandenburg Gate to the East Side Gallery, within easy reach. Dive into the unique spirit of Berlin with a stay that promises comfort, convenience, and a dash of local flair, perfect for your lads' getaway.

Getting there:  

We've got plenty of Berlin flights to choose from, and the journey takes just under two hours from London.

Experience a little parklife in Amsterdam

It's got canals, museums and of course it would be rude not to mention the Red Light District; but it also has a host of stunning parks in which to relax, drink and eat. The perfect place to recover from a night on the tiles. Visit the Westerpark, where they have parties at night, along with good food. The Vondelpark is also lively day and night, and throughout the summer there are a host of festivals to dip in and out of. Of course, sipping a beer while watching the canal boats go by is the perfect chilled day, and there are plenty of tours available should you want to take to the water. In terms of sampling a bit of culture, the Dutch city has this in spades, with the world-famous Van Gogh Museum hosting a special retrospective this year. There is also the Rijksmuseum, the national museum and of course the Anne Frank House, which was recently in the headlines thank's to Justin Beiber's "interesting" guest book message. Amsterdam is also famous for its coffee shop culture, and more "relaxed" laws, check out this handy guide to coffeeshop etiquette, should this be on your agenda. The Red Light District, one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam, has long tried to move away from its seedier image, so is definitely worth checking out to see whether some of the stereotypes are true.

Evening in Amsterdam (c) Koen Smilde

Staying there:

Amsterdam is a top choice for a guys' getaway, blending rich culture with an electric nightlife. Amsterdam hotels cater excellently to groups, offering a variety of options to suit any preference. Whether you're after a hostel in the bustling heart of the city, close to the famous Red Light District and lively bars, or a more laid-back hotel near the picturesque canals, Amsterdam's accommodation scene won't disappoint.

These hotels often provide amenities geared towards groups, including larger rooms or shared sleeping options, ensuring you and your friends can enjoy the experience together. Many have on-site facilities like bars or social lounges, perfect for pre-night-out gatherings. Amsterdam's compact size means you're never far from the city's iconic sights, be it a canal cruise, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, or a bike tour around the historic streets. Choose Amsterdam for your next group trip and enjoy a stay that combines the essence of Dutch hospitality with the excitement of one of Europe's most vibrant cities.

Getting there:

Book your flights to Amsterdam and you'll soon be enjoying the sights - the air time is around one hour from London.

Where would you go for a classic boys's weekend?

As you wrap up your plans for the ultimate lads' weekend away in Europe, don't forget to explore the array of destinations on offer at lastminute.com. From the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza and Majorca to the volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote, each location boasts its unique charm and adventures, ensuring your trip is nothing short of extraordinary.

Consider adding Barcelona to your itinerary for a taste of Catalan culture, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Or, for a change of scenery, Marrakech offers an enchanting escape with its bustling souks, fragrant cuisines, and historic palaces.

Not to be overlooked, Belfast and Dublin present an opportunity to dive into the rich tapestry of history, culture, and, of course, the legendary pub scene. Whether it's the Titanic Quarter in Belfast or the literary haunts of Dublin, these cities promise an unforgettable experience.

With lastminute.com, booking your lads' weekend away in Europe is hassle-free, offering you the best deals to make your trip affordable and epic. So why wait? Explore these destinations and more to create the perfect itinerary for an epic adventure.

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