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Pet Friendly Hotels Guide

Who said city breaks are just for humans? With our range of dog friendly hotels, it's not a problem if you need to take your little buddy to see the bright lights of the big city. For starters, we have plenty of pet friendly hotels in London to choose from. Make them comfortable in their own little nest in a luxury hotel in Mayfair or find somewhere cosy for your pet to relax in away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre. But there's no shortage of pet friendly hotels in Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast, along with destinations like Paris, Barcelona or Rome.

If you want to treat your furry friend to a week in the countryside exploring the footpaths and woods, we can help out. You'll find plenty of hotels in rural Britain and beyond that are only too happy to provide a bowl and bedding for four-legged guests. Who knows, they might even be able to grab a sausage at the breakfast buffet? Heading to the seaside is easy with as well. If your pooch loves nothing more than splashing around in the shallows or racing along deserted beaches, have a look at pet friendly hotels in Spain, Greece, Portugal or Italy. You're sure to find a comfortable coastal hotel within sight of the sea where you can head straight out from the bedroom to the beach for morning walks.

What makes a great pet friendly hotel?

Well, these hotels are happy to handle a bit of fur in the bedding, and can even deal with a few accidents along the way. They almost always provide water for pets as a courtesy, and might even have a reserve of treats to keep their furry visitors happy during their stay. They will usually have gardens and open spaces where dogs can exercise and enjoy some fresh air, and they tend to attract human customers who are comfortable with pets, so you're little friend can expect plenty of pats on the head as they wander around the hotel. So there's no need to leave your best buddy with friends or in a kennel. With pet friendly hotels you can all travel together.

You can also travel in style, thanks to 5 star pet friendly hotels. That's right: luxury travel isn't all about golf breaks, spa facilities and infinity pools. There are hotels around the world which provide as much pampering to pooches as they do to their human guests. When you book these places, expect specially made beds for animals, lounges where only pets are allowed, and soft doggie blankets. There might even menu options created for pets or massage experts who can de-stress your dog. Have a look around and find somewhere which treats pets like princes - you'll be amazed by what the hotels on provide.