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In the quaint and charming town of Chipping Ongar, Essex, there lies a realm of exquisite accommodations for discerning travelers. A culmination of English tradition and contemporary luxury, the area's hotels offer a unique blend of pastoral vistas and state-of-the-art amenities. Venture into this unexpected English gem and experience the epitome of hospitality at its best.

Enhance your journey with thrilling local adventures where a mix of history and recreation awaits; amble around the medieval-styled buildings, explore the site of an ancient castle, and absorb the intriguing stories at the Shelley's Hall. Treat your palette with a brisk stroll to renowned local bakeries and delis that canvas the boutique-laden high street. For those seeking nature, the Epping Forest bursting with miles of serene walking trails and the Maize Maze with its plant labyrinth are ideal sanctuaries. Evenings bespeak elegance with performances at the intimate Zinc Arts theatre or a laid-back session at the revered vineyards in the surrounding regions. Be captivated by the charming blend of old and new at Chipping Ongar, where luxury accommodation and dynamic local activities meet breathtaking landscapes.

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Ongar, United Kingdom

Mulberry House

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One of the best hotels to stay in Chipping Ongar is Mulberry House.

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