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As a popular summer destination, Los Alcazares boasts a variety of fantastic places to stay. From large and luxurious resort complexes to cosy and quiet bed and breakfasts, finding a hotel in Los Alcazares will be easy – it's deciding what to do that's difficult! Located on the sheltered coast of the Mar Menor lagoon in southeast Spain, Los Alcazares is a former fishing village famous for its breathtaking sea views and charming local culture.

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FAQs about hotels in Los Alcázares

What are the best hotels in Los Alcazares near the center?


The best hotels near the center of Los Alcazares are Hotel 525, Los Narejos and Pensión El Cordobés.

What is the lowest price for a double room in Los Alcazares?


What are the best hotels to stay in Los Alcazares?