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Tucked away in the heart of Cyprus, Troodos is nothing short of a hidden gem, brimming with majestic mountains, lush forests, and picturesque villages that will surely leave you breathless. Offering a perfect blend of natural charm and rich cultural heritage, it's an absolute paradise for tourists seeking tranquility and exploration. Now, imagine residing in the lap of this beautiful mountain range - yes, we bring you the top-notch hotels nestled in Troodos guaranteeing nothing less than a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Rest in some of the finest rooms with stunning vistas, enjoy delectable Cypriot cuisine in elite restaurants, and avail of world-class facilities. Delve into the locals' warm hospitality in these selected establishments. Explore the verdant mountain trails and ancient monasteries, savor remarkable wine tasting experiences in nearby vineyards, ski your heart out on snow-covered slopes, or simply bask in the peaceful atmosphere enveloping Troodos. Choose from our list of the best hotels to match your vacation style, be it for couple retreats, family holidays, adventure trips, or solitary escapes. Experience Troodos and Cyprus like never before with a sublime union of natural beauty and the comforts of supreme lodging.

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Troodos, Cyprus

Mountain Retreat

Troodos, Cyprus

Jubilee Hotel

Troodos, Cyprus

Troodos Hotel

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If I want to stay in the center of Troodos, which hotels shall I consider?


If you want to stay near the center of Troodos, you can consider staying at Livadia Hotel Kyperounta.

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