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Nestled on the alluring western coast of Cyprus is the quaint town of Peyia, a perfect haven for an unforgettable vacation. A land of mesmerizing beauty and exceptional comfort awaits at the selections of our top-rated hotels. Dive into the world of serenity and opulence that these hotels offer, with panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea that will surely take your breath away. Venture beyond the outstanding amenities of your hotel room and explore the picturesque town, as Peyia boasts an array of attractions and activities. Ascend the quaint hillside streets, lose yourself in the archaeological mystery of Agios Georgios, or bask in the sun at the stunning Coral Bay Beach. Foodies can indulge in the local cuisine at an array of charming eateries that promise a gastronomical delight. Zoo enthusiasts would love a visit to the expansive Pafos Zoo, while adventurous souls can opt for thrilling water sports. As sundown approaches, head back to your hotel, and watch as the coastal town of Peyia transforms into a veritable haven under the stars. Each activity, each sight, and each moment in and around our top Peyia hotels guarantee an enriching island experience.

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