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Holidays in Grenada

Grenada is the largest of the Grenadine islands. Lined by 75 miles of beautiful white beaches and filled with a sticky rainforest centre, this scenery is as delicious as the organic cocoa and vanilla that the island is known for producing. A favourite amongst loved up honeymooners or families wanting fun in the sun, a holiday to Grenada in the Caribbean will provide something for everyone.

Hot, hot hot; a holiday to Grenada won’t disappoint

The climate is hot and humid in the rainy season but is luckily cooled by the famous trade winds. Thanks to being situated on the edge of the hurricane belt, holidaymakers can visit without the constant threat of getting blown back to England. There are balmy tropical temperatures all year long however the rainy season runs from June to November, in which rain falls over two thirds of the month. The dry season runs from the end of November to May, which makes it high season, so you’ll be sharing the beaches with a lot of other tourists. For quieter holidays avoid popular events like the drum festival at Tivoli and consider the rainy season.

For traditional beach culture you’ll be spoilt for choice on the white sands. Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and deep sea fishing trips will amuse you for days. Sipping rum cocktails on the beach is also a perfectly respectable holiday activity and wish we could join you.

Carnival is the biggest and most popular events in the Caribbean, and occurs during the second week of August. There are a huge number of events taking place across the island, with everything from judging the calypso queen in quiet Tamarind Bay or watching the steel drum contents or getting involved with the nonstop parades. Most big events take place on the Sunday and don’t stop until early Monday.

The island is built from extinct volcanos and as such the soil is rich and verdant. Combined with the tropical climate this has led to a glorious rainforest in the centre of the island and there are many tours available. Take an expedition into the lush centre to see beautiful plants, flowers and exotic animals living wild in the area. The island’s capital city, St Georges, is overlooked by the extinct rim of a volcano, making for dramatic scenery and photo opportunities.

Several rivers flow into the sea from some of the mountainous areas of the island, the largest of which being mount St Catherine. Hikers who want to brave the heat will love trekking to the top of the 840m summit for the panoramic views. A number of gorgeous waterfalls adorn the mountains, and all visitors must schedule a visit in; the waterfalls are one of the islands most beautiful natural delights.

Unparalleled beauty with a relaxing culture; it is time to unwind with a holiday in Grenada

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, romantic escape on Grand Anse Beach, or a tiring but rewarding trek through the jungle, a holiday in Grenada will fulfil everything you thought you wanted and more. Book all your holidays to the Caribbean with