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There’s nowhere in the world quite like Japan. The country has a unique history, and even today this cultural and artistic heritage can still be felt everywhere you go. Despite this, Japan is a very modern country. A world leader in science and technology, this global destination is sure to amaze and surprise in equal measure. Flights to Japan make it an easy place to visit too. You’ll be able to get across from most major UK airports, to the destination city of your choice. So your dream trip is within easy reach.

Discover Japanese culture

Think of Japan and you may envisage Zen rock gardens, or glamourous geishas. Both are synonymous with this beautiful country, but there’s so much more to discover here. Japan is a cultural hotbed, with a well-respected art scene and a thriving, individualistic pop culture. Art Island in beautiful Naoshima is just one place worth checking out if you’re interested in finding out more about Japanese art. This intriguing place has an impressive number of galleries along with breathtaking beachfront installations.

Experience the cities

For a vibrant insight into modern Japan, head to one of its cosmopolitan cities. Tokyo is a definite must-see. This thronging, vibrant destination is defined by a constant mass of people, a buzzing dining scene and beautiful little surprises around every corner. You can move from from one busy traffic junction, to a corner of cherry blossoms within a few easy steps. And if you’re looking for photo-worthy sights, look no further than the city’s awe-inspirin and futuristic skyline.

Head to the country

Away from the bustle of the big cities, Japan has some great ski resorts and picture-perfect landscapes to discover. Ski Niseko is a popular place to stay if you’re looking to hit the slopes. This little town is famous for its great fine powdered snow throughout the year and its stunning mountain backdrop. Alternatively, head to the south, where you can go diving and experience the colourful coral reefs at Okinawa, relaxing on stunning beaches and taking in exotic views from the comfort of your sun lounger.

Food and drink

Eating out in Japan is a special experience. Like the country itself, the food is vibrant, varied and colourful. From traditional sushi, to fresh noodles, right through to grilled chicken stands, there’s something to tickle every taste bud. The eateries themselves are eclectic too. Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city, so gastronomic delights are within easy reach. But it’s also worth grabbing a few snacks from the street vendors along your travels, especially after a busy day sightseeing or shopping, if you’re in fashion hubs like the capital city.

Japan travel tips

How long is a flight to Japan?

It takes around 14 hours to fly to Japan from London.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Japan?

November through March seem to be the cheapest months to book Japan. Prices however might go up during the holiday season.

What is the distance between the UK and Japan?

The air travel distance between the UK and Japan is around 9,194 kilometers or 5,713 miles.

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