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Prague breaks

Prague is a magical city, with its mysterious and magical ambience, which everyone should visit at least once.

One of the major draws of this destination: prices are low, so you can easily find a weekend in Prague for under £250, staying in a four-star hotel. Also check out our deals for holidays in Prague. This makes it a doable destination if you’re on a tight budget, or you want to impress your partner! I love the early December period for discovering Prague; those who feel the cold should steer clear, since it’s really cold on certain days, but if you’re well wrapped up, you’ll be able to uncover the city’s finest secrets. Don’t think twice about getting lost amongst the streets of Prague, as there are so many galleries and hidden gardens.

Our top City Break in Prague

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Things to do in Prague

Museums and Galleries  

Prague’s fantastic range of museums and galleries make Czech culture easily accessible for travellers. The Czech National Gallery is home to a range of work by Czech artists including Mucha and Kupka, as well as an international collection including Monet and Picasso.

The musically inclined will enjoy the Czech Museum of Music, with its huge collection of rare and strange instruments, as well as recordings so you can hear them being played. 

Stunning architecture 

Prague is renowned for its delightful historic buildings. Take in the atmosphere at the old town square, and be sure to check out the beautiful 15th century Astronomical clock while you’re there.

For something more impressive, head to Prague Castle near the Charles Bridge. It’s sheer size and repeated reconstructions mean that it uses nearly every architectural discipline in the world, making it a definite must see. 

Musicians Heaven 

Prague has an active classical music scene and the Municipal House, with its striking art nouveau architecture, is the place to go to experience it. Go along to a Smetana concert during your  Prague  city break for a night of music you won’t forget.

If classical isn’t for you, there’s also a thriving rock and indie scene in Prague. Palace Akropolis is the home of touring international bands in Prague, and the Rock Café is frequented for the affordable drinks and the local bands. 

Must-see places in Prague 

Public transportation

For a stress-free time during a city break in Prague, there are many different transport pass options. Bus, tramway, metros… there are loads of them and they come frequently. Think about getting some extra tickets for your large luggage. Be warned: there are lots of ticket inspectors and they look out for tourists!

Typical food and gastronomy

The cuisine is certainly heavy, but you can find lovely specialities such as the svičková na smetane (beef roti with cream and cranberries), meat in breadcrumbs, soups or knedlíky (potato dumplings). Try the beers and the becherovka (rather strong plant-based alcohol). For something sweet, we recommend the rakvicka (little oblong-shaped shortbreads) and the koláče (a fruit and poppy seed tart). Also try the trdelník, delicious pastries sold in small stands and found throughout the city.

World famous beer 

Take the opportunity to sample some world famous Czech beer during your cheap city break to Prague. While Gambrinus is the most popular beer in the Czech Republic, try a glass of Pilsner Uquell or Kozel’s medium if you get the chance.

If you’re looking for somewhere to try Czech beer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We like the Pivovarský Klub, as they specialise in offering a fine range of beer.  Or if beer is not to your taste, you could try one of the Prague’s many up and coming cocktail bars. At the Letna Beer Garden, with the beautiful view of the city and the charming location in Letna Park, you’ll soon find out why it’s a favourite with both locals and visitors, in spite of the less impressive drinks selection.

What to see in Prague

Enjoy one of Europe's most picturesque cities as you venture through Prague's magical Old Town. 

  • Take in the extensive views from the Charles Bridge. Sample the best Czech beers from across Bohemia. Enjoy the wonderful architecture of the town and natural beauty of Letna Park.
  • The museums and galleries are a fantastic experience and the music scene is well worth checking out on your city break to Prague.
  • Check out the famous Christmas market if you're traveling in December.

Best time of the year to visit Prague

To make the most of your time, plan your Prague city break in the spring or summer: the days are longer and the streets livelier. There will still be a lot of people, but that’s now the case all year round. Winter is cold, but the city is particularly enchanting then.

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