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City Breaks in Dubrovnik

Go on, add a bit more pink to your life. Dubrovnik is an alluring destination for a city breakWith its famed walled Old Town, access to the stunning Adriatic coast and the promise of a warm welcome, there's every reason Dubrovnik should be your next city break destination. Book your flight + hotel with and experience all that Dubrovnik has to offer.

Best Activities in Dubrovnik

As well as the many historical sights, the city is bursting with fun activities for all the family. During summer, Dubrovnik city breaks are filled with visitors island hopping in the Adriatic Sea, visiting stunning locations like Korčula, Peljeac or the Elaphite islands. Unwind at one of the nearest beaches such as Lapad or Banje Beach, both within easy reach of the city. If the beach isn't for you, why not try a sunset kayak tour. And art lovers can't miss the Dubrovnik Summer Festival boasting 47 days of classical music, theatre and dance. 

During winter there is still plenty to do, with many visitors relishing the fewer crowds whilst enjoying milder weather than most Mediterranean resorts offer. Those considering Dubrovnik city breaks at New Year can enjoy the biggest celebration on the whole of the Adriatic coast, promising family-friendly entertainment.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Dubrovnik Airport located about 20km to the south of the city. A taxi can take visitors directly to the city centre or an Airport Bus will take you to the main bus station, Kantafig located 2.5 km from the Old Town. 

Eating Out in Dubrovnik

Local cuisine in the city centres largely around fresh seafood. You will find a range of mid to high-end restaurants in the Old Town, the better they are, the earlier you'll need to book. If you want the best, try to get a table at Proto, the most celebrated fish restaurant in town. Those looking for something quick and filling should consider one of the city's many pizzerias, for a delicious stonebaked pizza.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik

The party scene in Dubrovnik starts in the Old Town. The Placa Stradun is bursting with bars, plenty of outdoor seating and a bustling atmosphere. Make sure you sample the local fruity brandy, rakija. Nightclubbing is also popular in Dubrovnik, with many of the best clubs located just outside of the Old Town such as Revelin, based in a 16th-century tower.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

  • Walk the famed protective wall, on your own or with a guided tour for stunning views of the city's rooftops.
  • Explore some of the most well-preserved medieval towns in Europe, with beautiful cobbled limestone streets. Centred around the Placa Stradun, the main street, this is the true heart of the city.
  • The Church of St Blaise is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. This church is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Dubrovnik, St Blaise.
  • The Dubrovnik Synagogue is the second oldest European synagogue still in use and is home to a fascinating Jewish Museum.
  • Unlike many historical buildings in Dubrovnik, the Gothic Sponza Palace has managed to survive both the 1667 earthquake and the 1991 bombings.
  • Delve into Dubrovnik's Maritime history at the museum hidden inside St John's Fortress, including an Aquarium showcasing the Adriatic sea's underwater life.

Dubrovnik Facts and Figures

  • The tall and wide city walls have never been breached in their 800-year history.
  • Well ahead of its time, the Republic of Dubrovnik banned slavery in 1416, nearly 400 years before the UK.
  • The majestic walls have featured in many films and TV shows; fans of Game of Thrones will recognise it as King's Landing.